November 27, 2013

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

My son had hand, foot and mouth disease, we we’re really shocked when the doctor told us that it was not chicken pox. Evening of November 18, 2013, my son had a slight fever so we immediately gave him paracetamol and the following day (November 19) he was fine so he was able to go to school. After school, while we’re studying my son showed me his elbow and he said “Mommy, look chicken pox” so I checked his body and I found some rashes also in his foot.

I was worried and I told my husband about it, when he got home he checked the rashes and he said “baka kagat lang ng langgam”. But for me, it is not a simple insect bite so he said; monitor ko till tomorrow bago kami magpacheck.

The next day (November 20), I saw some blisters in the palm of his hands and sole of his feet so I thought my son has chicken pox. I called my husband and we went to the doctor lunch time.

The doctor checked his hand and body. She did not see any blisters in the body so she said it was not chicken pox. She checked the mouth and found mouth sore and asked if there are any blisters in the foot and we said yes. She confirmed that it was hand, foot and mouth disease.

We’re stunned because we really had no idea where my son got the virus. We only went to school, Festival Mall and S&R before he had the symptoms. We immediately asked if it is contagious and if there’s possibility that we might get it. She said yes so I asked her again how long before my son will be okay because we will be having field trip. She said, in less than a week and advised us to stay in the house for 5 days or until the blisters are all dried.

I was paranoid and worried that we could not make it on field trip but I was hoping and praying that my son will be okay because I don’t want to say goodbye to our P5k+ field trip fee. Every day, I was checking and taking photo of his blister to see if there’s any improvement. We wanted to pierce the blister para matuyo agad but I’ve read that it is not advisable. Patience is a virtue and I was glad that we did not do anything. All blisters were dried come Sunday, so I was really happy because he can go back to school and join their field trip.

I consulted Google because I was not familiar with hand, foot and mouth disease. I saw some pictures and I was happy that my son had a mild case of HFMD. But the first two days were very hard for him because he can’t eat properly, blame it to the mouth sore.

Sharing with you some information I found in

Hand-foot-mouth disease is a common viral illness in children below five years old that causes sore in the mouth, hands and foot. It can also be found in buttocks and legs.

It is not similar to foot and mouth disease that occur in animals. HFMD is caused by a virus called an enterovirus which is spreads though sneezing, coughing, touching fluid from the blisters and infected stool. Incubation period is 3 to six days before you see the symptoms. 

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