December 23, 2014

Holiday Baking with my Son

Most of the time I prefer baking alone to avoid spills and mess. But baking is one way to bond with my son since he loves mixing. It also one way to teach him in reading, following instructions and measurements. 

Thank God for instant mixes because it makes my baking life easier. Last Thursday, our advent calendar activity is “Bake something for someone special”. The timing is right because we can bring the brownies in his school Christmas party. 

We love this triple chocolate brownie mix of Ghirardelli, I’ve been buying this for years already. My son read the instructions and mix all the ingredients which is egg, oil, water and instant mix while I preheat the oven and transfer the batter in the baking pan. I bake another batch of brownies the following day. 

The Christmas Party theme is Olaf/Frozen so I printed cupcake topper for decorations. 

Click here and here for the free Frozen printables.
P.S. The brownies are really yummy. First time na makatikim nito, gusto ng umorder ng brownies. But I always say, instant mix lang yan. :)


  1. I bake too, and it's true na messy if kasali ang kids pero diba mas masaya :) btw i love you diy frozen toppers cute and the brownies looks yummy. penge

  2. Great bonding talaga ang baking ha?! I didn't quiet imagine na pwede din sa little boys no?! Mostly kasi girls ang nababasa ko. hehe I want this activity for my son when he grows a little older. I love baking pa naman :)

    1. Last year, my son wanted to become a chef, maybe because we always bake. :)

  3. The brownies look really fudgy and yummy! I'll buy this when I see it :)

  4. I wish I had an oven already so I can start baking! This looks delicious!

  5. This is a nice bonding activity and tummy-filling at the same time. Luckily, my unica hija is now a tweener so baking is not as messy as before. :) - edel

  6. Whoa! You are lucky you have a little helper na. At a yung age, he s really so sweet for helping you around the kitchen.


  7. Your combined effort bore very good results. Congratulations to you and your kiddo! Your brownies look really yummy!

  8. Wow! Cute! :) I can't bake, heck! I can't even cook. Thank you for sharing this at least now I know that there's a special mix like this one that makes baking easy. Yay!

  9. My daughter and I love baking and cooking as well. It's really one great way to bond with a child.