February 27, 2015

From Heels to Flats

I remember when I was young, I really want to be tall because I wanted to be a flight attendant and travel the world but I was not blessed with height.  And because of that, I always wear high heel shoes to increase my height. 

We cannot deny that high heels shoes look stylish, elegant and sexy. It makes your outfit looks fabulous and it also adds confidence. But I have to say goodbye to high heels and say hello to flat shoes.

It all started when I was pregnant, of course, I can’t wear high heel shoes anymore for safety reasons. Then I had my son and I’m still not wearing high heel shoes. Maybe because I don’t care anymore about my height and I realized that there are advantages in wearing flats. 

1. As a mom, it is very practical for me to wear flat shoes especially if I have to chase my very active son. 

2. I feel comfortable in wearing flat shoes in doing my errands. I can do my grocery without feeling pain in my feet. 

3. I can go to distance especially when I’m traveling so I make sure I wear flat shoes or sneakers. 

4. For health and safety reasons, I know that wearing high heels can lead to chronic pain. You can check the list of “The Worst Shoes For Your Feet” article. 

5. Since I’m a full-time mom, I prefer wearing flat shoes whenever I go out because it matches with my jeans and shirts outfit.

I’m not claiming that flat shoes are better than high heels shoes but I’m just saying that flat shoes work for me. It is best to search and invest in good quality flat shoes. ZALORA has a great selection of loafers for women. View their collection here".


  1. I love heels although it is quite painful to wear them over long periods. As much as I want to wear those cute ballet flats, my feet ache for some height (literally). My remedy is to use shoes with kitty heels or with an inch of height.

  2. i am a pro-flat shoes! i can't imagine myself wearing high heels for more than 2 hours just to walk around in malls. I just used them in work. but since i'm always sitting behind my desk, it's not really a problem