February 18, 2015

Pasalubong from Bacolod

The first time I went to Bacolod was in 2012, it is where we celebrated our wedding anniversary, it is our “Eat, Pray and Love” version. Bacolod is not really known for tourist spots but famous because of Masskara Festival. I'm not fond of festivals but one thing I like in Bacolod is their food. 

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Food Trip in Bacolod

The famous tourist spots in Negros Occidental are “The Ruins” in Talisay, Ancestral Houses in Silay, and 7 Falls in Mambukal Resort which is far from Bacolod. But whenever you research for Things to do in Bacolod, you will see those places but the truth is they are located outside Bacolod. 

Whenever my husband has a business trip in Bacolod, I always asked him to buy a cake for my pasalubong. Since I was young, I dislike blueberry cheesecake but after I tasted the Calea Blueberry Cheesecake, everything changed. Now I love Cheesecake. 

Too bad, Calea is located in Bacolod but I was happy that I can taste this from time to time. This cheesecake is not overly sweet, the crust has nuts that give a different texture and taste. You can also taste some chocolate chips. Yummy! 

I told my husband to buy half cake only because we’re only three in the house. I remember last time, hirap na hirap kami ubusin yung whole cake.

Aside the cheesecake, I also love Napoleones. It is a puff pastry with cream inside and top with powdered sugar.  I bought two boxes of Napoleones when we were in Bacolod but it did not reach Manila anymore. Kinain na namin sa biyahe. 

So if ever you visit Bacolod, go to Calea and don’t forget to buy Napoleones.


  1. My friend and I are going to Bacolod this September. Thanks for the tip about Calea! My friend and I have sweet teeth. I like that I can buy half of the cake.

  2. Great that you are able to have your cheesecake treats from time to time. Haven't been to that place before but it sure sounds like fun.

  3. Great pasalubong indeed the blueberry cheese looks so delicious and the Napoleones look so yummy as well. Love to visit that place soon

  4. I also like Blueberry Cheesecake, but not the very sweet ones. I haven't tasted Napoleones, but I'm sure they're also yummy, since I also like puff pastries. Bacolod indeed has many tasty surprises. I also like piyaya. Isn't that from Bacolod also? or Iloilo?

  5. Yummy. I love cheesecake. I'll take note of these two. As if naman makakapunta ako Bacolod no sis. hehe. We seldom travel e. We have no time, huhu.

  6. I love napoleones :) sana i can taste Calea cheesecake too.

  7. Naku, nag-crave naman ako sa sweets!
    We will definitely buy these sis when we go to Bacolod :)