March 20, 2015

Investiture + Day Camp

My son joined Kid Scout Club this school year and once (twice) a month they have their meeting.

Last Saturday, they have their Investiture + Day Camp activity in school. Good thing my husband was there to accompany my son but I still went to school so I could take pictures and videos. 

The program started with Investiture and kids are now part of the International Boy Scout.

Then they had day camp activities such as 

Citizenship Training 

The parents were blindfolded and the kids will guide them until they reached their destination. It was a fifteen-minute activity.

Nature Lore

Teams will make a collage about our environment. 

Laro ng Lahi/Sports Activities

Teams will play soccer, volleyball, basketball, and frisbee. My son’s team won the soccer and volleyball game. 

Obstacle Course 

The final event before the awarding ceremony. My son enjoyed the day camp activities. Even it was really tiring but all went home happy because it was a different family bonding. In this activity, you will learn more about your kids.


  1. We are a family of Scouts! My Dad was an Eagle Scout when he was young so he got my brother and I into scouting too. Those were fun times and we learned a lot. Hope your son enjoys his experience :)

  2. Looks like Scouts is a great activity for boys to learn leadership skills that would be great for life. You son seems to be having lots of fun.

  3. Great activities for kids.Looks like your son had a great time. :)

  4. I love seeing kids that are active in activities like this. Keep it up little! :)

  5. So nice to be a scout. Looks like he has a lot of chance to learn new skills and have fun at the same time.

  6. Oh, camps are really great! We have a kids camp every year as one of our church events too and kids look forward to that always! I'm excited to see my son attend a camp.

  7. Super fun activities! I remember when I was still in elementary , we do something like this too in school!