April 15, 2015

Hot Wheels Race to Singapore Grand Prix

My son loves Hot Wheels and it was his Christmas wish last year so we gifted him Hot Wheels and what a coincidence, my son’s godfather, and my friend gave him Hot Wheels too. 

The only problem is 

Son: Daddy buy more cars, kulang pa sa box. 

My son wanted to fill the empty slots in his Hot Wheels storage/carry case. Hehehe Well, from time to time we buy Hot Wheels if he did something good, if his test result is ok and if he got eagle seal. Sort of reward. 

Last Saturday when we were in Southmall, we saw this “Hot Wheels Race to Singapore Grand Prix”. It is a competition and you can win a trip to Singapore for 3 days and 2 nights and watch the F1 Singapore Grand Prix. All you have to do is buy two Hot Wheels for P99.75 each and register. Click here for the video 

We did not join the competition because I don’t want to wait till 3PM but we bought Hot Wheels so my son can enjoy playing on the race track. #happyson\


  1. That is a good motivation for him to do well! Wish I can watch a grand prix live!

  2. this is one of my go-to gifts for my godsons as well.hahaha..

  3. my son loves to play hotwheels din but after one week nawawala na :-)

  4. Your son looks so happy with his hot wheels! For sure this hobby/collection of him will last until his over 20s or something :)

  5. I love Hot Wheels because whenever I ran out of ideas what gift should I give a godson, I'll grab a hot wheels or two and I'm all set.


  6. That is one happy boy. My kids too love to play with hot wheel toys when they were younger.