March 14, 2017

Oasia Hotel Novena Singapore

My husband always stays in Sheraton Towers if he has a business trip in Singapore but last week, he stayed at Oasia Hotel Novena because Sheraton Towers Singapore was fully booked during his trip. Oasia Hotel Novena is near the CBD or Central Business District, shopping belts and Novena MRT Station. 

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He was advised that the hotel offers FREE arrival transfer so my husband wasted two hours in waiting and riding the free airport shuttle. The shuttle is not exclusive to Oasia Hotel Novena guests so the airport shuttle will pick up guests in different terminals of Changi Airport then drop each guest in their respective hotel. Unfortunately, he was the last passenger na hinatid sa hotel. 

Free arrival transfer is good but if you want to save time and effort, just take a taxi because the hotel is just 20km or 20 minutes drive from Changi Airport. 

The room is not that big, he requested for king sized bed but he was given a twin bed room. The following day, they already fixed the bed, pinagdikit na rin nila which is just fine. 

The bathroom has no bathtub. 

The room package includes free breakfast which starts at 6:30AM. 

The hotel offers living room, 20 meters lap pool, jacuzzi and gym. My husband loves to swim so he likes the swimming pool of Oasia. 

Aside from the free airport transfer of this hotel, he was advised that he can reimburse one taxi receipt every day. So it is either one way from the hotel or one way to the hotel, the amount is up to 20SGD. Just surrender the taxi receipt and they will give you cash. I'm not sure if it is just a hotel promo or included in the room package. 

Side story:

When my husband told me that he will go to SG, I asked him to buy the 2x2 kallax shelves that I was not able to buy last January. And because he loves me, he did not bring any checked-in bag, pinagkasya niya lahat sa hand-carry niya yung damit niya for one week. Bawal ang excess baggage e. Hehehe!

He went to IKEA Alexandra to buy my 2x2 kallax shelves. On his way back to his hotel room, one foreigner approached him at the elevator.

Foreigner: Oh, you went shopping. 
Hubby: Yes, this is my key to enter my house. 
Foreigner: (laugh) Whenever I travel, I also have empty bags that I need to fill for my wife and daughter.

I asked my husband to wrap the box para hindi masira, good thing that the hotel has luggage services and luggage storage too. So before check-out, pinawrap niya yung box for 10SGD. On his way to the airport, he went back to the hotel to get his luggage. 

Officemate: Where’s your luggage so I can put it in the trunk?
Hubby: I have one furniture. 
Officemate: Oh, I see, you bought a key to enter your house. 

Waah! Key na ba tawag sa pasalubong. Hehehe! 

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Oasia Hotel Novena 
8 Sinaran Drive Singapore 307470 
Hotel: +65 6664 0333 
Reservations: +65 6881 8888


  1. hahaha! lol sa key to the entire house, that's actually true! haha. Pero in fairness, this one is a nice place for me. At grabe ang work travels ng hubby mo, sis, di ko keri. lol.

  2. Haha! That's a lovely key to enter the house! I won't mind getting a pasalubong like this, it is unfortunate that the hubby never travels abroad! :P

    This is a lovely hotel to stay in while in Singapore. I love the complete amenities and who can never go wrong with buffet for breakfast, right? :)