June 10, 2017

Smelthytta Rørosmuseet in Norway

There are several activities and attractions that you can do in Røros depending on the season and your preferences. I have researched the different activities that we wanted to do but unfortunately, it was not available during our visit and some activities need a reservation which I did not know.

So we ended up visiting a museum. The town Røros is a World Heritage site so if you want to know more about the rich history of it, you can visit the different museums. There are 7 museums that you can choose from and each museum has a fee so we just chose Smelthytta Rørosmuseet  or Smelthytta Røros Museum because that is the nearest museum from our holiday apartment.

1. Smelthytta
2. Olavsgruva
3. Bergstadvandring
4. Doktortjønna
5. Sleggveien
6. Bygningsvernsenteret
7. Besøkssenter Nasjonalpark Femundsmarka

Smelthytta’s building is built on the top of the ruins of Røros Copperworks last smelter which was burned in the year 1975. It is a museum where you can see different exhibitions related to Røros Copperworks’ history, 19th-century clothing and how the mining society and people who lived here developed.

Watch the video here

Entrance Fee 

Adult NOK100
Student and Senior NOK80
Kids below 16 (with adult) FREE

I like to buy a souvenir kaya lang ang mahal. :)
Once you enter the museum, you will see a cafe and souvenir shop. There is an egg painting activity for the kids but unfortunately, they ran out of eggs already so no painting activity for my son. But the staff gave him a piece of paper, a word hunt game that he needs to finish in order to receive a prize. It is a nice idea so kids will enjoy the museum.

There is an English guided tour at 3PM but we did not wait for it because we don’t want to be late for our 4:30PM train ride back to Trondheim. Thanks to the free use of Audioguides that gives us the information that we need. You can choose Norwegian, English. German or French language.

We did not waste our time and we started exploring the museum.

What I like about this museum is, aside from photos, they also have video clippings where you can see the transformation of the town. I just hope there is English subtitle of the video.

I also love the diorama or models of the mines, smelteries and technical installations that were used before. Most of the models are moving, it is like watching a mini skit.

The museum is very informative, it gives you more information on how they produce copper and I bet you it is not that easy. So if you are going to Røros, don’t forget to include a visit to the Museum in your itinerary, your NOK100 is worth it.

By the way, my son finished the word hunt game with the help of the guardians (lol) and the prize is two unique stones. :)


  1. That's a very cute miniature of the old copper mine where the museum stands. I like the knicks and knacks in the reception area. I will note this when we visit Norway. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ay ang cute nung miniature! Akala ko malaking lugar na under construction! nakakatuwa! Buti at may English na audio guide, that saved the day! hehe.

  3. We are truly mapagbigay and thoughtful. Often when we go to places we would love to buy souvenirs and pasalubongs for our friends. But then, the price somehow hinders us to buy. Ehehe. Nway, touring a museum is a nice way to learn something new about the place, its culture and its history. Surely you had a great time.