June 01, 2017

Summer Vacation is Over, We’re Back to the Philippines

Hello. It’s been two weeks since the last time I update this blog. I just have no time to blog because I was busy packing and unpacking for our Iceland trip and of course, Philippines. Yes, after two months, summer in Norway is already over and we’re back to the Philippines.

It took me awhile to fight my jetlag and adjust to the warm weather. Now, I’m busy preparing for the coming school year and I’m not yet so ready. Good luck to me.

 Anyway, before going back to the Philippines, my husband asked me if I’m excited to go home and I said no. No, because… 

1. I like the cold weather and fresh air of Norway. 
2. I don’t iron clothes in Norway because we always wear a jacket. I dislike this chore. The only time that I iron clothes was when we’re going to Iceland. 
3. I will miss the dishwasher of my mom. Ang dali ng buhay pag may dishwasher. 
4. I will miss the food especially salmon, cake and ice cream. 
5. I will miss the nature. 
6. I will miss the water, yung hindi na bibili ng mineral water because I can drink water from the faucet. 
7. Going back home means vacation is really over, as in back to school na kami.
8. And I’m so scared of flying back home because this was the first time that my son and I will travel without hubby or companion. First na, long haul flight pa, so napaparanoid talaga ko.

But of course, I also miss my husband, it’s been 5 weeks and for the record, this is the longest time that we’ve been away from each other. He always teases me na “Malnourished” na daw siya at wala na siya tagaluto. Hehehe! Well, two weeks lang naman niya na feel na wala kami sa bahay because he was also out of the country for three consecutive weeks. 

As I mentioned, I was so nervous flying back home and I really prayed hard that everything will be okay. Our flight was really tiring because we’ve been traveling for 3 days. 

Thursday Reykjavik Iceland to Trondheim Norway 
Friday Trondheim Norway to Oslo Norway 
            Oslo Norway to Bangkok Thailand.
Saturday Bangkok Thailand to Manila Philippines 

We arrived from Iceland last Thursday and we went straight to Radisson Blu Hotel since we had an early flight the following day. My mom booked this hotel last April. I already blogged about this hotel because my husband stayed here too but I will share my personal experience on a separate post.

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Even the hotel was just a few steps away from the airport I was thankful that my mom accompanied us at the hotel and airport. I have two luggage and 3 handcarry and I can’t rely on my son. 

Trondheim Airport 

My husband did the online check-in so we have the middle seat, as per my request. Ayaw ko kasi mag-excuse or may mag-excuse pa if we need to go to the lavatory. Check-in was easy and wala din pila sa security check. Thank God! This is one thing that I dislike in traveling, ang dami security check. Nakakapagod maglabas at magbalik ng gamit. I already instructed my son kung paano kami sa security check and make sure na mauna siya para abangan gamit namin sa dulo. 

We’re two hours early for our flight and I could not connect to the free wifi. I’m not sure kung dahil nagamit ko na ba siya kahapon and wala pa 24hrs. We rode SAS airplane, no complimentary food and drinks.

Oslo Airport

My husband went home first so he was able to take photos of the landmarks that I need to remember so going to the next boarding gate was not a problem. The Immigration Officer advised us not to enter yet and be back 2 hours before our flight because there is nothing to see inside. 

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We had 5 hours layover in Oslo, so we bought pasalubong and ate lunch at Fiskeriet Seafood. I just ordered Fish and Chips NOK169 and NOK35 for bottled coke. 

We rode Thai Airways from Oslo to Bangkok, I was happy because our flight was only 10 hours compared to our Bangkok to Oslo which is 11 hours and 30 minutes. My dilemma is I could not sleep again, waah! I really appreaciate the flight entertainment and they have a list of new movies.

Bangkok Airport

Upon arrival to Bangkok Airport, ramdam ko na ang init. I was happy that we arrived early because I have enough time to transfer to our next boarding gate. But when I checked the information, “delayed” agad ang nabasa ko. So from 1 hour and 25 minutes layover to 3 hours. Security check was smooth, no long lines. 

We rode Thai Airways again. 

When I heard the announcement “I do apologize, we could not land yet because of air traffic and we’re at number 11…” ramdam ko na nasa Pinas na ko. Nasa ere pa lang, traffic na. Hehehe!

Finally, we’re home and I was so thankful for the smooth flight. Achievement unlock, yehey! Nakabiyahe na kami ng malayo.

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  1. Same tayo ng namimiss sa Norway. Kapag pauwi na ko naiinis ako kasi sasalubong sakin mainit na panahon at traffic. Back to reality talaga. Welcome back!

    1. Mas ok yung palamig na biyahe kaysa painit. Yes, back to reality na! Thanks! :)

  2. Welcome back to the country! Good to know that your trip back was pretty smooth sailing. If I were you, I'd really miss vacation in Norway too especially after reading all your travel posts about it. Ang init nga talaga dito and nakakadismaya ang traffic.

    1. Thanks! Yes, nakakamiss yung wala weather and walang traffic. :)

  3. welcome back to the Philippines sis! Ang hirap talaga pag maraming connecting flights noh? baggage check dito at doon, but in-fairness naman sa waiting area ng Bangkok airport malinis at parang comfortable ka kahit magwait ka ng ilang oras. Pero mas mainit dito sis hehehe at maingay pero kahit ganun pa naman enjoy lang :)

  4. Welcome back! I never experienced connecting flight because we never get too far for a vacation. Hehe
    Yes, the hassle and the long wait at the airport was very tiring especially for us travelling with a toddler. Naparanoid ako sa mga handcarry, baka may nakalimutan.

    Anyway, atleast sulit ang vacation nyo, tiis lang sa byahe. 😊

  5. Drink water from the faucet? I miss the days when we can still drink the same in the province when everything is fresh and unpolluted. No extra bill for processed water. Residents of Iceland are lucky to have such resources. What a great place to spend vacation.

    1. Yes, you can drink water from faucet in Norway and Iceland. :)

  6. I would certainly miss that cake you showed us. I would also miss the beautiful snow, the breathtaking sights,and the building structures you featured in your blog. I will definitely miss Norway, too.

    1. Don't worry! My "Summer in Norway" series is not yet over. I still have more stories to tell during our trip.