October 13, 2017

Our Nursing Home Experience in Norway

For the past few months, I’ve been sharing different tourist spots that we have visited in Norway. But even we spent our whole summer in Norway, it is not all about pleasure. There are days that we went to Nursing Home. 

My mom works in Nursing Home for more than two decades already. When we first went to Norway, she was already working there. She even suggested na magnursing na lang ko so I can also work in Norway. But I did not see myself working in the hospital or nursing home so I pursue another career.

I did not grow up living with my mom because she needs to work in order to support us. It is not easy to support three kids in the Philippines. I’m proud of my mom because we were able to finish school because of her hardwork. I don’t know how she managed to study, work and take care of my youngest sister. Hindi ko alam paano niya hinati-hati katawan niya. Hehehe! 

During our first visit in Nursing Home, she was cleaning the nursing home or working in the kitchen, then she became a caregiver where she took care of the grandparents. But now, she works in activity center. She did not stop studying and learning in order to level-up. In fact, she finished her High School and College Degree in Norway, halos sabay-sabay kami grumaduate. 

Fast forward to our trip, after my mom’s vacation leave she invited us to go with her in Nursing Home. As I mentioned, my mom works in Activity Center where she makes programs and activities for the grandparents. So living in nursing home in Norway is not boring, may social life din ang mga lolo at lola. That’s why the grandparents miss my mom if she is in the Philippines kasi sarado ang Activity Center. Hehehe! 

The job is not easy because she started her work in preparing the center, cooking waffle or baking dessert for snacks, prepare for the activities, facilitate the program and of course clean the mess after. In short, all around so she is really grateful to those volunteer workers, as in they work without pay. So may assistant siya sa center. You cannot just go there to volunteer, you need permission and approval din. Some volunteers are retirees, refugees and those who wants to gain work experience. 

The activity center is open from Monday to Friday and my favorite day is Bingo Day (Wednesday), we pay NOK10 for every card and fortunately, we won in our first and last game. Prizes are foods, drinks and some stuff that grandparents can use in their rooms. Their Bingo cards are like placemat sa laki, ginawa talaga nila para hindi mahirapan yung grandparents na makita number. The activity center is not only open to those who live in Nursing Home, so if you are in senior years you can join their activity. 

What did we do in Nursing Home? Well, we helped my mom in her work. We fixed tables and chairs, prepare bingo cards, plant and water the flowers, fold table napkins, did some crafts, helped in the kitchen and the best part is tasting her cakes, waffle or any dessert. 

Nilalamig na sa pagtatanim. hehehe!

My son enjoyed playing with the grandparents, they play bowling, ring toss, passing ball and many more. I realized, competitive din pala ang mga lolo at lola, talagang they are doing their best para sila yung high score. Of course, may prize yung nanalo. Well, my son’s prize is ice cream or chocolate after his volunteer work. 

Of course, hindi lang Bingo ang ginagawa nila. There are art and crafts, physical activities and sometimes grandparents also go out too. May field trip din,  they watch movies, visit recreational areas and trip to Ørland Main Air Station. This is one thing that I want to visit pero super strict sila sa pwede lang pumasok. Sa tagal ng nanay ko sa Norway, hindi pa rin siya nakapasok. Hehehe! 

Sometimes they also have festivals, mini concerts or any activity na maisipan ng mom ko. But we always go sa Bingo day, hehehe! I just can’t post the pictures and videos, in respect of the privacy of the grannies and grandads. One more thing, I notice that they are very private person, they are not fond of taking pictures and videos. They don’t even post on Facebook or Instagram. Very opposite natin na, picture before eating foods or capture every moments for souvenir.


  1. My salute to parents talaga na will work hard for their family even if it means distance. And my admiration to their family for keeping the faith in their parents who are miles away. nursing home here in the Philippines isnt that popular compared abroad but if this is something we will try to focus as services, maraming maspoil kasi pinoys really know how to take care talaga of elders and even youth.

  2. Your mom is a wonderwoman, sis! That's the answer kung bakit napagsabay nya lahat! haha. I haven't been to any nursing home here in the PH pero being a 3rd world country, I know I can't expect it to be as nice as the nursing homes in Norway.

  3. Nakakatuwa naman your mom's work. Imagine if walang activity sa nursing home...? the grandparents would really feel sad since boring ung day to day nila.