October 17, 2017

Pasalubong from Norway

There are no classes for two days already because of Nationwide Transport Strike but I’m still busy because I need to finish my son’s reviewer for his exam. But now, let me take a break and continue my Summer in Norway series.

My friend asked me “kung ano daw mura bilhin sa Norway na pangpasalubong”. I said, “Walang mura! Hehehe!”. If you’ve been to Norway or if you’ve read travel blogs about Norway, you will always read that Norway is one of the expensive countries in the world so you really need an extra budget if you are planning to visit this country.

I agree to that, whenever I go to their grocery store, if ever we will eat in the fastfood or restaurant or if we will take public transportation, I can’t help myself in converting the amount to Philippine Peso. Mahal talaga siya. Good thing that their water is potable so no need to buy mineral water if ever you will stay in a hotel.

But of course, even the price is expensive I still bought some pasalubong, minsan lang naman ko makapunta ng Norway e. Few days before we left, we went to the grocery to buy chocolates, juice, sauces etc. As usual, my son bought Kinder Egg Surprise and Kinder Maxi Chocolate.

Hindi kasama Snickers, baon ko pa yan from Philippines. hehehe!
Don’t forget to buy Freia chocolates, we really love their chocolates and you can’t buy this anywhere. So far, hindi ko pa siya nakikita sa ibang country so I can only taste this pag-umuuwi mom ko. There was no sale when we bought the chocolates, sana pala bumili na ko ng madami nung April. We bought Freia chocolates before my husband went back to the Philippines for my in-laws, at that time nakasale. Nung pauwi na ko, wala man lang sale. Waah!

Freia chocolate has so many variants, I almost tried everything na rin since my mom always buys different flavor but our personal favorite is Melkesjokolade and Firkløver. We also like their chocolate chips cookies so I bought this for our snacks while waiting in the airport.

The Freia Kvikk Lunsj chocolate is my husband’s favorite. It is like Kitkat chocolate pero mas type niya ito.

There is Freia Twist too, it is an assorted chocolate. Not really our favorite but this is good pasalubong for those who like to try different flavors.

My aunt wanted to buy chocolates para iuwi ko but I don’t have enough space so she just gave me money. I bought this Freia Melkehjerter at Oslo Airport it is buy 3 + 1 promo. This is good pasalubong too kasi may I heart Norway pa na nakalagay. Hehehe! There are two boxes of chocolate inside the box.

And because I like their sauces, I bought Hollandaise Sauce and Bearnaise Sauce.

We also love their Lerum juice syrup, just add water lang. If hindi lang mabigat sa luggage, bibili ko ng marami nito. I bought Blåbærsaft, I have Solbaer sirup na, prize ko sa Bingo. Hehehe!

We also went to the bookstore to buy some souvenirs like magnet and keychain. I saw the receipt in the plastic bag so check the price below. You can also buy this in the airport, I think, hindi naman nagkakalayo price nila.

Stuffed toy keychain NOK79
Refrigerator magnet NOK49
Keychain NOK70
Swiss Knife NOK115

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  1. Ang mahal no? even their tshirt na may Norway ang mahal. I miss Freia tuloy.

    1. Maski yung ballpen and postcard ang mahal, kaya bumili ko ng gagamitin ko talaga. :)

  2. Ang daming chocolates! I love Kitkat so surely I would love that brand as well if it tasted similarly to Kitkat. I agree. If we went to a place for a vacation, even if how expensive their stuff would be, I will still buy a few for myself and for my loved ones. Minsan nga lang naman makalakwatsa e. I like the idea that you are confident re potable water at Norway. Here in our country, I still doubt our water so we use alkaline. even when we dine in, I would prefer bottled water.

    1. Yes, water is really clean. According to them, only few percent yung hindi potable siguro yung wala pa water system. But majority, anywhere you go, you can drink straight from tap water. Same here, I buy water din just to be sure.

  3. The cost of living in Norway is about 30-40% higher than on the US. Though mapupuri mo naman sila in terms of their low cost education.

  4. I am a certified chocoholic so you definitely had me salivating because of all those photos of chocolates! I wanna taste all of them! Sana one day they will be sold here too.

  5. Ay, grabe. Sweets overload! :O Ako I eat chocolates but not so much. Buti nalang di ako masyado sa sweets. Ung dalawang lalaki ko ang may sweet tooth! haha. Pero I'm sure pag nakita ko mga 'to titikim ako. lol.