January 26, 2018

10 Most Popular Spots in Dominican Republic for Families

The mention of Dominican Republic conjures up images of powdery white beaches and warm blue waters. It is just the ideal destination to head for a vacation with your children. What makes the Dominican Republic simply perfect is a family beach vacation. There are homes for rent in Dominican Republic as well as all-inclusive resorts at affordable price points. One can look forward to nightly entertainment, kid’s clubs and multiple restaurants along with a range of activities and watersports. The finest outdoor playground of the Caribbean is simply a picture-perfect vacation for families on a budget. 

As one of the best kid-friendly destination, the Dominican Republic boasts of beautiful beaches and lush tropical landscapes. Just two hours south of Miami, the relaxing Caribbean getaway offers cultural outings, water sports, and all-inclusive resorts. There are miles and miles of coastline overlooking the Caribbean Sea, rainforests, National Parks and cacti-studded deserts. 

Here are the 10 most popular spots for families on vacation with kids. 

1. Pico Duarte is the tallest point in the Caribbean as it rises more than 10,100 feet. The highest mountain in all of the Caribbean Islands is made of uplifted rocks and is covered with cool pine forest and ferns. Located in the Cordillera Central, one can indeed take a cool break from the heat of the tropics of the Caribbean in Pico Duarte. Several routes are available for hikes and trekking. La Ciénaga Route is one of the most popular routes and is not difficult at all. La Pelona, only two meters lower is a twin summit of Pico Duarte. 

2. Lake Enriquillo is the deepest point in the Caribbean, and it falls 131 feet below sea level, and lies to the south are the Sierra de Neiba. Water flowing off the Neiba drains to saline Lake Enriquillo, which is the largest natural lake. The secluded and picturesque place is popular among the tourists and is the only habitat of the American crocodile. There are natural reefs and natural springs of curative sulfur as well as an astounding variety of wildlife near the lake. 

3. Puerto Plata towards the North Coast is a historic seaport. Christopher Columbus called it as the "port of silver" during his 1492 voyage because of the glistening silver color of the coast takes on during the sunset. The seaside city has been catering to the ships carrying goods ever since ancient times and offers spectacular beaches. Explore the majestic colonial architecture or enjoy breathtaking views atop Mount Isabel de Torres with your family. 

4. Cabarate is a small village that lies east of Puerto Plata. The fishing and farming hamlet has become a popular sports capital of the country. The grown-up beach town area is booming with condos and new development and is an ideal spot to base yourself. Enjoy surfing, or windsurfing, or kitesurfing as well as get a great dining and shopping experience. 

5. Get a beach-oriented family break in Dreams Palm Beach. There are miles and miles of fantastic, white-sand beaches. Children can enjoy their clubs and other fun activities like kayaking in the reef-protected section of beach. There is excellent food in a wide choice of restaurants as well as some great movies to enjoy while relaxing on the sand. 

6. Playa Rincón is simply perfect with its soft, white sands and multihued water. There's a small rivulet at the far western end, and it is indeed great to take a quick freshwater dip. Enjoy great swimming across the uninterrupted stretches of the beach in calm waters. It is indeed a great spot to spend the entire day with your family, simply lazing around and picnicking. 

7. Punta Cana is another most popular destination, and millions of bodies can find their own space and place amidst the expansive beach with countless palm trees. Hundreds and thousands of tourists arrive here during the winter months. The best part is that one can holiday here on a budget, enjoy excellent accommodations and all the food and drink plus the water sports. 

8. Samaná is a first-class premium of Dominican-Caribbean dream. Much more cosmopolitan and far more laid-back, there is a strong European vibe here. Tourists and travelers come here majorly for North Atlantic humpback whales from mid-January to mid-March. The whales do their migratory song and dance. You will love the lively social scene as well as the best and most secluded beaches here. 

9. Montaña Redonda, with its dramatic mountaintop viewpoint id perfect for a weekend getaway. You can take photos as you swing in sky-high swing sets and jaw-dropping sea views. After the horse rides and zip lining, enjoy some great food at the local restaurants. 

10. Centro León, the large, modern museum is loved by all the families. The world-class institution boasts of an impressive collection of paintings that showcase the evolution of Dominican art from the 20th century. The three exhibition rooms focus on the island’s biodiversity, its history and cultural diversity, Dominican art; and aviary and photography exhibition.

The above are just a few of the offerings from the one of the Caribbean's most geographically diverse countries. It is hard to ignore the evocative colonial architecture, the stunning mountain scenery and the beaches galore. Plan a great trip here with your family and come back with some great memories. You will surely love it and your kids will have precious new lifetime adventures to talk about back home.

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