January 15, 2018

Starbucks Planner 2018

I’m not fond of drinking coffee or tea so I don't frequent Starbucks. Unless there are FREE Starbucks Beverage Promo, mapapadalas ang caffeine overload. Their drinks and foods are not cheap too so we seldom go here but I still visit this cafe from time to time. What I like in Starbucks, halos lahat yata ng puntahan namin na lugar meron siya. So sometimes we eat our breakfast here kasi siya lang ang open ng maaga. It is cheaper than eating in the hotel, we did this when we went to Japan and Cebu.   

And because of that, I don’t collect stickers for the planner. I stopped using big planner in the year 2015. I only used printed calendar, blog planner, and family planner. This year, aside from my monthly calendar and blog planner, I now use bullet journal for my things to do na hindi kasya sa monthly calendar. Before I only use scratch paper or post it, pero para mas organized and I can also look back at my notes, bullet journal is the answer. 

But a few days ago, I received this Starbucks Planner. I had my first Starbucks Planner last 2013 and it was a gift too. I like the Starbucks Planner 2018 because it has cover, stencils, calendar, Starbucks card and the planner is not that heavy. I remember the SB Planner 2013, ang bigat niya dalhin kaya hindi ko talaga siya dinadala.

I just learned that for every redeemed planner comes a donation to partner NGO’s (Teach for the Philippines and PETA) so worth it din pala yung caffeine intake para sa stickers. 

So now, ang dami ko ng sinusulatan. Hehehe! What planner are you using?

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  1. I also have a Starbuck's Planner whicb I also got as a gift. Crazy how Starbucks planners sell hot online. I really prefer handy and slim calendar planners that I can take anywhere.

  2. Ako din I am not into big planners. I am using a pocket size planner ung tama lang pang remind ng mga schedules at dates ska listahan ng gastusin hehehe. But I have one for bullet journaling too pero ung sa manipis na notebook lang.

  3. I love SB planners, been collecting since 2012. What I love best about SB planners, it has monthly calendar views - for easy checking of events.

  4. Hindi rin ako palagi nag SB dahil masisira ang budget ko hehe sis and bawal na ako sa coffee, pero I got an SB planner too ok sya for me, pang over-all tasks ko sya :)