February 20, 2018

Family Long Weekend

Long weekend is over and now back to reality. So what happened last week?

Valentine’s Day 

Last week was my son’s monthly test, I was busy organizing the clothes in our new built-in cabinet upstairs when he came. My son shouted “Mommy, help me, open the door.” I opened the door and he was hiding something at his back. Then he smiled and gave me this rose”.

I was really surprised and touched because he spent his baon to buy this plastic rose. My son is “kuripot” too so I’m used to Valentine’s Card so I never thought that he will buy something for us. Yes, he bought two roses, one for me and one for his daddy. He placed the plastic rose in my husband’s drawer para surprise din daw.

I’m not fond of flowers because it doesn’t last but this plastic rose will last. My son gave this in advance. Alam kaya niya na mahal ang tinda pag Valentine’s Day na.

I also give something to my son every Valentine’s Day, this time I asked my husband to buy Ferrero Rocher chocolate because that is my son’s favorite. So he was so happy when he saw my note card and chocolate the following day. My husband gave me chocolate too, pero 3 pieces lang din kasi alam niya daw diet ako. Lol.

Akala ko yun na yun but when he went home, he gave me cake and card too. He said, "Wala na yung favorite mo, kaya yan na lang binili ko". Oh, pati pala cake nagkakaubusan pag Valentine's Day. My husband likes this cake but I don't like it, parang may alcohol (liquor) na lasa.

Pico De Loro Getaway 

To celebrate the Heart’s Day, (delayed celebration) we went to Pico De Loro. It was an unplanned trip, I just informed my husband na shortened class lang anak ko ng Feb. 15 and mass lang activity. I asked my son, kung okay lang na wag na siya pumasok. He said “I’ll think about it”.

We did not wait for his answer anymore, my husband called Pico Sands Hotel to reserve a room. Good thing we were able to get a room on a very short notice. Ang hilig na namin sa mga biglaang trip. I will share our getaway in a separate post.

Staycation at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel 

February is our wedding anniversary. Since we are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary and it falls on a long weekend, pwede mag out of town trip. So last November, I was checking two resorts that we like to visit but unfortunately, fully booked na sila. Woah! Ganun, kabilis mafullybook. Take note, buong February nila and yung Holy Week no availability na.

I let go the out-of-town trip idea so last month, I inquired at Sofitel Manila. I told my husband about the rates and he said yes, so I booked. Everything was done through email. Ang bilis ng service nila.

Pyromusical Competition 

Fast forward to our stay, we have no idea that it is also the first day of Pyromusical Competition. So we were able to watch it from our room. Oh di ba, no need to pay an entrance fee. You can check my video here. For Pyromusical Competition Schedule and Ticket Prices, check here.

That's it for now. And dami ko ulit backlogs.


  1. Love the rose! Love the chocolates and the cakes. Love staycation. Love the fireworks! Ang galing ng pwesto nyo, kitang kita! Ang sweet ng mag-ama mo sis. ♥ Belated happy valentine's day!

    1. Maganda din timing namin, nakalibre ng nood. Thanks!

  2. Your son is so sweet! :) This year, mas ako ang nag effort nung Valentine's Day. I treated my sons and hubby with a movie. We watched the Black Panther on the first day it came out. Then I treated my daughters naman with new nail polish. For me wala, but that's okay coz birthday ko a week after and so I knew they would make more effort for me then. :) Happy anniversary, by the way! :)

    1. We haven't watched Black Panther pa, I heard maganda nga daw. Belated happy birthday and thanks for the greeting. :)

  3. Oh how sweet your son naman, I like roses and chocolates too, you're so blessed to have a loving husband and son. God bless you always sis!

    1. Yes, my husband and son are my favorite blessing from God. :)

  4. Im not materialistic, pero when I woke up and my kids gave me roses, natuwa talaga ko. Those simple acts are priceless!