February 27, 2018

Hotel Mulia Senayan in Jakarta Indonesia

I love to travel but I know that I cannot visit all the countries in the world so I need to have my own bucket list where I will prioritize those places and countries that I really wanted to visit. Jakarta, Indonesia is not part of my bucket list because I don’t know if there are interesting places to visit there but I would love to visit Bali, Indonesia. 

Hotel Mulia Senayan is the first hotel that my husband tried in Jakarta, Indonesia. He stayed here for three consecutive business trips but on his 4th and 5th business trip in Indonesia, his company booked a room at Shangri-la Hotel, you can check my review here. There is nothing wrong with Shangri-la hotel but if my husband has a choice, he likes Hotel Mulia Senayan because less ang traffic so nakakapahinga siya agad after work. I’m sure you are familiar too with Indonesia traffic, mala-EDSA lang. #mayforever.

My hubby doesn’t choose his hotel; fortunately, all hotels that his company booked are all good. When my husband told me that Hotel Mulia Senayan is one of the best hotels that he stayed in Asia, nacurious ako bigla. I immediately searched about this hotel and I read an article before that it was part of the Top 15 Hotels in South East Asia, that was year 2015. I couldn’t find the link of article that I’ve read but I found the most recent one, “Top Hotels in Asia: Readers’ Choice Awards 2017” On this article Hotel Mulia Senayan landed on second spot, yes Top 2. They have a branch in Bali, Indonesia and it is an award winning hotel too. It is one of the top hotels in the world in year 2013.

Few weeks ago, my husband told me that he will be going back to Indonesia and he will stay in Hotel Mulia Senayan, part of me wants to book a plane ticket so I can experience the hotel too. But of course, I have to consider my son’s schedule, final exam is near so we cannot afford to be absent and plane ticket is also expensive. So I just told my husband to take pictures so I can see the hotel.

Glimpse of Hotel Mulia Senayan 

My husband was back from his business trip and he shared me the photos during his 4 days trip. He stayed at Hotel Mulia Senayan. This hotel is near shopping malls and Jakarta Convention Centre so it is ideal for both business traveler and leisure traveler. It is 25 minutes away from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.  


Hotel Mulia offers spacious room, it has bed, couch and working table. 

This is the bed, according to my husband, this is the best bed that he tried so far. Bed is indeed comfortable, pillows are soft and fluffy and the bed sheets and pillow cases are so smooth. And because of this, he really use the table if he needs to finish his work kasi kung sa bed siya uupo, baka makatulog siya. Hehehe!

The bathroom has separate bath tub and shower area. 

 Aside from the toiletries, what I like in this hotel is their room slippers, the free shopping bag and the cute accessory kit. The shopping bag is really nice because you can use it if you need more space for you stuff, okay na hand carry. It is water proof too so I use it for our beach getaway. Sayang lang kasi they only give one bag per stay, hindi siya one bag per night. Look how big the complimentary toothpaste, yung ibang hotel kasing laki lang ng thumb yung free toothpaste. 


The room is good and also the service. There are fruits in the room which my husband always eats. There was a time, he was so surprised because when he went back to his room, the staff already replenished the fruits. He was just out for few hours (dinner time), may bago na ulit fruits.

They also give complimentary chocolates every night. My son likes this chocolate so my husband has no choice but to keep this. Bawal kainin, Complimentary Chocolates = Instant Pasalubong

They know how to spoil their loyal guests, they give discounts and voucher for returning guests. During my husband’s trip, he was informed that he has IDR500,000 discount at Edogin if he likes to eat there and he was given a IDR250,000 voucher too. 


Hotel Mulia Senayan has 5 restaurants, one lounge, a bar and cake shop. You can choose from the following 

The Cafe ( 24 hours restaurant) 
Il Mare ( Italian Cuisine) 
Table8 (Chinese Cuisines) 
Orient8 (French and Pan Asian Dishes)
Edogin (Japanese Cuisine) 

Since my husband has a discount, he took advantage of it and ate at Edogin, Orient8 and The Cafe. There is a complimentary buffet breakfast at The Cafe, more of this on my next post, “Jakarta Eats: Hotel Mulia Senayan Restaurants” 

Facilities and Amenities 

This hotel has different amenities that you can enjoy too, there is Mulia Spa (with fee), Mulia Fitness Centre and swimming pool. Only in-house guest can use the fitness centre. The centre features one of the most expansive training space, which is true ang laki di ba? It also provides the latest weight training and cardiovascular training equipment. There is a standby personal fitness trainer if you need one. Drinks are also provided after your work-out, you can see complimentary infused water. 

Mulia Fitness Centre Open Daily from 5:30AM to 11PM 
Mulia Spa Open Daily from 9AM to 11PM 

Hotel Mulia Senayan is indeed a premier luxury hotel in Jakarta and there is no doubt why it received a lot of awards.

Hotel Mulia Senayan, 
Jakarta Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, 
DKI Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

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  1. I also wanted to visit Bali kasi ang ganda ng beach nila. Ang ganda and ang laki ng gym nila ha, I think I can live there forever lols.