June 28, 2018

Dinner at MK Restaurants

MK Suki now MK Restaurants is a twist of Chinese steamboat dish. It is a chain of restaurants in Thailand for more than two decades and they also have several branches overseas. The concept is similar to Japanese Shabu Shabu, where you cook your own food. You can order vegetables, meats, and seafood.

We’ve been eating a lot of fried meals for the past few days so for a change, we ate at MK Restaurants. We saw this restaurant when we went to the Tops Supermarket near Terminal 21. Upon seated, the staff gave us the menu, my husband tried this restaurant before so I just let him order our meal. So we have meat, seafood, vegetables, and drinks for a total of THB540.

The staff served the sauces, drinks, hotpot, and food one at a time. We just put everything in the pot. The taste is just okay for us or siguro, hindi lang okay yung order naman na sliced meat. I was expecting the meat that we’ve tried in other shabu-shabu restaurants.

If you don’t want to cook, they also have a la carte meals like rice meals, noodles, dim sum and roasted duck. The price is reasonable and service is good. Watch the video here

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I also ordered Mango Sticky Rice at Tops Flavor for THB75, may mura naman pala na sticky rice, ang mahal nung kinain ko sa The Terrace Restaurant

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