June 12, 2018

Food Camp at Baguio Country Club

Happy Independence Day! Today is a holiday but because of the heavy rains, we’re stuck at home and enjoying the bed weather. This reminds me of our Baguio trip last April. After our Historical Core Tour in Camp John Hay, we passed by Food Camp in front of Baguio Country Club so we checked it out. Parking is limited, fortunately, we got a slot.

Food Camp at the Baguio Country Club is the new attraction in Baguio that offers local and international dishes such as Japanese, American, Mediterranean, Mexican, Chinese, and of course Filipino. You can see camping area, bonfire, log cabin, go-kart, and food stalls.

The Christmas Village is now Food Camp. It is the first and only food camp in the city. There is no entrance fee and will be open to public from February 14, 2018 until June 2018. But I learned that they already closed the food camp last May 31, 2018.

Opening Hours 
5PM to 10PM (Weekdays)
10AM to 11PM (Weekends and Holidays)

My son tried the Go Kart but after one round, the rain began to pour. Sayang! Since it is an al fresco dining restaurant, hindi na kami naglunch and I just bought bread. I bought banana bread, carrot bread and raisins bread. We liked the banana bread. My son and I did not like the carrot bread, we prefer the carrot cupcake that we tried at Hill Station. But my husband liked the carrot bread so binaon pa niya sa office. We gave the raisins bread to my in-laws since favorite nila ang raisin bread.

Baguio Country Club Food Camp Desserts by Kate Reed’s 

P100 Almond Brownies
P100 Baked Cheesecake
P100 Baklava
P265 Banana Bread
P100 Blueberry Cheesecake
P290 Carrot Bread
P280 Cheese Bread
P100 Chocolate Mousse Cake
P100 Cookies
P50 Cream Puff
P50 Eclair
P100 Mini Cake Choco Truffle
P100 Mini Cake Red Velvet
P100 Panna Cotta (Mango)
P100 Panna Cotta (Strawberry)
P265 Raisin Bread

Now that the food camp is closed, I don’t know if I can still taste the BCC bread or desserts if ever we will go back to Baguio.

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