July 05, 2018

5 Tips For Traveling While Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Traveling is a great way to experience new places, foods, products and of course, drinks. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, alcohol can add to your traveling experience. Of course, it should not be the primary focus of the destination. However, depending on where you go in the world, there are many types of drinks to enjoy. This can create new memories and enhance your overall experience. In order to strike the right balance of alcohol consumption, consider the tips below while traveling and drinking. It can make your travels a better experience overall.

Stay At Hotels With Free Happy Hours 

If you enjoy a free drink once in awhile, stay at a hotel that offers free happy hours. Some hotels will actually roll out some free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for their guests. These types of hotels that offer free happy hours tend to offer it to all guests or premium members who have rewards. This is a fun way to meet other people staying at the same hotel as well as get a free drink. Whether you just want to have a wine or a beer, happy hours are a great time to sit back and unwind after a long day of traveling. This is a nice perk to look for when booking your stays during your vacations.

Take Alcohol On Your Flight 

Despite contrary belief, travelers can take alcohol aboard flights. You simply have to adhere to the strict rules set forth by the TSA. You cannot have liquids in containers that are more than 100 ml (or approximately 3 oz). Then, all of those containers need to fit into a 1 qt Ziploc bag. Once you stick to these rules, you can buy very small alcoholic beverages in 50 ml bottles. This allows you to bring some of your own alcohol on the flight. Of course, this could vary from airline to airline. But, it has worked for other frequent flyers and it could work for you too.

Have A Drink With Your Meals

Food scientists have found that drinking with your meals while traveling can lower the risk of getting sick. According to a report by The Sun, you could avoid getting food poisoning. Many travelers eat at restaurants and buffet stations. These environments could have food pathogens including salmonella, E. Coli, and others. However, alcoholic beverages like beer and wine have been shown to prevent these pathogens. Therefore, having a drink with your meal could keep your stomach healthier while traveling at all-inclusive locations or between multiple places.

Do Not Drink And Drive 

While you are on vacation, the last thing you want to deal with is a criminal case for DUI. When you drink alcohol, your decision making can become impaired. In the US, as well as many other countries, drunk driving is legally enforced. As Daniel Noll, a Springfield DUI attorney at Noll-law.com, explains, “Being arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a scary experience.” It could ruin your traveling experience. If you decided to drink, just make sure that you can order a cab or taxi to take you where you want to go. This will keep your travels safe and enjoyable.

Order Drinks That Add To Your Experience 

While traveling, take advantage of the opportunity to drink local beers, wines, and cocktails. You can immerse yourself in a new culture by experiencing their food and drink pairs. Instead of ordering that favorite drink that you are used to, try something out of your comfort zone when you are sitting down to dinner. You can always go back to your normal routine when you get back home. While out in the world, open yourself up to new drink tastes, styles and orders. You might even find a new favorite drink to enjoy long after the trip is over.

When traveling, drink responsibly to enjoy your vacation. If you do this, you can have fun on your trips while going to free happy hours, taking drinks on your flight or pairing a nice drink with your meals. Above all, be respectful and kind to others if you are drinking. You do not want to be the loud or disruptive passenger on the plane. Moreover, you should never commit a DUI by drinking and driving. Keep yourself open while traveling and taste some new drinks. Following these tips, you will enjoy drinking alcohol while traveling because it will add to your experience overall.

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