May 17, 2018

Economy Class vs Business Class of Philippine Airlines: International Flight

Being able to travel the world is a privilege because I know that not everyone is able to travel. So even we are not frequent travelers, we are still happy because from time to time we visit a new city or new country. We don’t care about the number of cities, countries or continents that we have visited, what is more important is the experience that we have gained during our travel trips.

Traveling via plane is already expensive unless you score a cheap airline ticket, so I don’t mind booking economy class tickets because we all know whatever class of tickets we have we are just going to the same destination. But of course, this doesn’t stop us from dreaming to experience Business Class Seats.

Two years ago, we experienced our first Business Class Seats. It is just a domestic flight from Cebu to Manila. Since we have Business Class tickets, we were able to stay at the Mabuhay Lounge Cebu Airport and when our flight was delayed, walang stress sa pag-asikaso, I just gave our boarding pass and sila na bahala. Read more about our experience.

Advantages of Business Class Tickets 

1. A special lane for check-in.
2. Priority check-in, boarding, and luggage handling.
3. Access to Mabuhay Miles Lounge.
4. Welcome Drinks.
5. Hot Meals.
6. Priority Airport Standby.

It was just an hour flight so we’re hoping that someday, we can experience Business Class Seats for an international trip. We’re not in a hurry because we know how expensive Business Class Tickets. Little did we know that our dream will turn into reality. Last month, my husband booked our flight to Bangkok, Thailand, as usual, it is an economy class ticket (using our miles).

On the day of our trip, we just did the normal thing, we checked-in, passed the Immigration and stayed at the Mabuhay Lounge while waiting for our boarding time. Then we went to the boarding gate and waited for our take-off.

Business Class Experience 

While waiting for the take-off, the flight attendant went to our row, she was talking to our seatmate and asked him if his surname is Solee, so napatingin kami bigla and was wondering kung may problem ba. Then the flight attendant went to my husband to confirm if his last name is Solee, we showed our boarding passes and then she advised us that we need to move seats. So we got our stuff and transferred, only to find out that we are upgraded to Business Class. Woah! We did not see it coming and we did not know why. But we’re so grateful for our experience. Watch the video here.
“Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once” 
I thought, it only happens in movies but now I know that it can happen in real life. My husband is a frequent traveler but this is the first time na na-upgrade siya sa Business Class. The comfortable seat has a blanket, big pillow and of course big space for the legs. I can no longer touch the front seat, so kelangan ko pa tumayo para lang makuha yung magazine.

Upon seated, the Flight Attendant immediately asked us for our preferred welcome drinks and handed the Business Class Menu. Wow, ang dami choices for main course and drinks. For drinks, you can choose, champagne, white wine, red wine, liquors beers, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages (cold and hot).

For Manila to Bangkok flight, here is our meal 

Appetizer: Scallops and Salmon in Mustard-Dill Dressing
Breads: Dinner roll, Wheat Roll, Multigrain Baguette, and Basil Olive Bread Slices.
Main Course: Manok sa Tanglad, Cod Fillet in Red Curry Sauce, or Beef in Apricot Red Vinegar Sauce
Dessert: Mango Lychee with Mango Pudding Carmen’s Best Ice Cream

Then one FA gave us iPad and headset for our complimentary use. Next FA, lay a tablecloth on our table and gave us appetizers and drinks. One thing that I noticed, you don’t need to call the FA, they just go to your seats. There are three Flight attendants who assisted us. They serve drinks, food and ask what you need. Service is really good, you will really feel special.

Bangkok to Manila flight is more than three hours so if you want to sleep, you can literally lie down and sleep.

They also provided a Premium Lane Pass for us. If you’ve read my post before, Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia so this Premium Lane Pass is a big help because you have Priority Lane for Immigration. According to my husband, most of the time it will take him one hour just to pass Bangkok Immigration. But this time, it only took us a few minutes. Then we were able to get our luggage immediately because there is a “Priority Tag” on our luggage.

Economy Class Experience 

On our way back to Manila, we still have economy tickets so we experienced both types of service. Though we have an economy class ticket, we have number 1 to 3 privileges which are a Special lane for check-in, Priority check-in, boarding and luggage handling, and Access to Miracle Lounge courtesy of my husband’s Mabuhay Miles membership benefits. My son and I only have a Classic membership so if ever hindi namin kasama si hubby, wala kami Number 1-3 privilege. Hehehe!

We got a Premium Lane Pass ticket so no more long lines again in Immigration. My husband and son were able to stay at Miracle Lounge so free food, drinks, and wifi.

Wala ng free upgrade, hehehe! We stayed in the economy class seats. Back to the small pillow, no blanket (by request), and limited legroom. No complimentary iPad or headset use. Good thing that they served kid’s meals first because when it was our turn na, wala na kami options. Kung ano na lang natira sa tray nila. We still have ice cream for dessert pero hindi na Carmen’s Best Ice Cream.

So that is the difference between economy class and business class flight for an international flight.

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  1. Gusto ko magtravel ng business class for long haul flights pero ayaw ng wallet ko hahaha!

    1. Apir! Ayaw din ng wallet ko. One business class ticket baka 2 or 3 economy class tickets na yun. :)

  2. I have been wanting to try business class like forever, but I dont think I would want to shed much kung short haul lang. I am really envious of your free upgrade. We would experience upgrades too, but only in hotels never had one on a plane.

    1. Saya ng FREE upgrade noh? Sa hotel na experience ko na rin ma-upgrade. :)

  3. Wow, ramdam talaga yung difference between economy and business class, noh? I've never experienced flying sa Business Class before. Hoping that dream will come true for me too. :)

    1. True, may difference talaga kaya mahal ang airfare.

  4. I like how you say it to take the chance we've got because we may experience it only once. I was given quite a number of first chances and sadly i wasn't able to use the time wisely. Only if I knew. I hope my boys will also see the value of making the most out of everything.

    1. Yes, we must enjoy every chance or moment because we never know when it will happen again. :)