September 25, 2018

Buying Furniture at Furniture Source Philippines: Yay or Nay?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know for sure that I love IKEA. Even though there is no IKEA yet here in our country, I love browsing their website for home ideas that is perfect for our small house. Whenever we travel, I make sure that IKEA is included on our itinerary, so far I was able to visit their branch in Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

There are so many things that I want to buy but of course, our baggage limit is limited so I can only buy stuff that will fit our luggage. There is no IKEA in the Philippines but there are online stores where you can purchase IKEA products though price is a little bit higher. I discovered Furniture Source Philippines in the year 2016 and last year, we finally visited their store. If you’ve read my post before, we purchased 2x4 Kallax Cabinet and 2x2 Kallax Cabinet.

We did not have any problem when we bought our furniture last year so last August 21, 2018, off we went to Santolan Town Plaza. It was our first time in their store kasi yung last visit namin sa Granada St., QC pa yung showroom nila. Good thing they changed their location kasi mahirap magpark dun sa lumang store and maliit lang.

They have a website so you can place your order online but we prefer to see the items so even we live outside Metro Manila, dinayo namin. We checked their store and some of the items that we want are not available so we just bought the following.

1 Hemnes Daybed Frame with 3 Drawers P25,500
2 Uratex Mattress for Hemnes Daybed P5,900
1 Malekby Sofabed Right Arm Rest (Black/Leatherette) P21,900
1 Norris Gateleg Table (Birch) P12,990
Assembly Fee P500 (per furniture)
Delivery Fee P1500

Norris Gateleg Table

Hemnes Daybed Frame with 3 Drawers
Since we bought bulky items we chose delivery this time, they charged one delivery fee for all items. My husband can assemble the furniture but I told him to pay na lang para hindi sayang sa oras at baka abutin pa siya ng buong araw sa pag-assemble. My husband requested for weekend delivery so he doesn’t need to file a vacation leave. The staff said “I-note ko na lang po, after 4 days po makakareceive kayo ng message kung kelan idedeliver”.

We were surprised when we heard that, because in other Furniture or Appliance store, right there and then alam mo kung kelan nila pwede ideliver. Anyway, we waited for their text.

Aug 21, 2018 - went to Santolan Town Plaza to buy furniture
Aug 25, 2018 - received text regarding delivery schedule

Last August 25, 2018, we received a text regarding the delivery schedule and they informed us about September 5, 2018 schedule. We’re not happy about it, imagine 15 days of waiting from the time that we ordered the furniture. Even if you call their number, they will just cancel the call. So kahit anong tawag ni hubby to request for an early schedule, bigla na lang napuputol ang call so it seems that they are not entertaining any call, “Canceled Call”, alert. They said, earliest date na daw yun, so whether we like or not we just agreed with the date. My husband fixed his schedule so he will be home on the day of the delivery.

September 5 - delivery schedule

Fast forward to September 5, we are waiting for the delivery of the furniture and we are not receiving any text from them. Come lunchtime, my husband texted the number to follow up and he was shookt in their reply "they cannot deliver and will text for reschedule". WHAT?!? So we are just waiting for nothing pala.

We’re not happy about it because.

1. They are the one who scheduled it. We waited for 15 days and hoping that they will deliver our furniture.
2. We are waiting for the delivery and they did not inform us that they will not deliver, kung hindi pa kami nagfollow up, hindi namin malalaman na wala naman darating. They just told us that they will reschedule. Hmmm, kelan na naman?

Since this is not acceptable, my husband called the office to inform them about the situation and after a series of conversations, they finally told us that they will deliver the items the following day.

September 6, 2018 

We felt relieved when they texted that they're on the way to our house. They arrived past 10AM, tatlong tao ang nag-assemble, two persons assembled the bed and one person assembled the table and sofa. It took them 2 hours to assemble the sofa, bed, and table but it is not yet finished because one sofa stand was defective. I thought the stress is already over but since one stand of the sofa is defective, the staff said “Sir, balik na lang po kami, sira kasi yung isa”. When we asked them, kung kelan balik, they could not answer us.

Walang legs yung isang sofa so hindi pantay. 
September 10, 2018 

After 4 days, we did not hear anything from them so my husband called to follow-up. We’re afraid na abutin na naman ng 2 weeks bago ideliver so my husband volunteered na ipick-up na lang niya but the manager told him that they already shipped the replacement and side table via Sea Cargo last Friday, September 7, 2018. 

They did not inform us that they will ship the item because as far as we know, the staff said, babalik na lang. We paid for the assembly fee so we’re expecting na ikakabit nila ulit yun. We just let it go since my husband can do it. I just told my husband to ask for the tracking number so at least I know kung kelan darating sa bahay.

September 11, 2018 - My husband asked for tracking number but they cannot provide, sabi lang “We’ll check on this”.
September 12, 2018 - Follow -up for tracking number but still no tracking number.
September 13, 2018 - They could not provide us the tracking number so my husband has this feeling na hindi pa nila naship yung items. So he told them, kung hindi pa naship, pick-up na niya. Finally, the manager told him that they already pulled out the item and will inform us once the item is ready for pick-up.
September 14, 2018 - I received a text that our item is ready for pick up, they provided an address where we could get the item, hindi siya sa showroom kukunin. At last, the stress is over. But because of Typhoon Ompong, we decided to stay in our house, hindi muna kami pumunta agad.
September 16, 2018 - off we went to the warehouse.

From August 21 - September 14, it took them 24 days to fulfill our order. This is the first time that we’ve experienced this, it never happened to us sa ibang Furniture Store or Appliance Store. Like I mentioned, we already ordered furniture from them last year and okay naman. But with our recent experience, we’re not satisfied. I’m just thankful that my husband was here and no business trip.

So I guess, if you want to buy furniture at Furniture Source Philippines, pick-up is the best option. With all the stress, delays and hassles, they gave us Complimentary Brimnes Side table. I just hope they will improve their delivery system, okay naman service nila sa Showroom and Warehouse.
“First impressions are important but the last impression we leave with the customer will leave the most lasting impression - Shep Hyken” 
Furniture Source Philippines 
Santolan Town Plaza by Rockwell
276 Col. Bonny Serrano, San Juan City,
Metro Manila Philippines

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  1. Hala! Ang tagal and so stressful! Why daw matagal? Is it the availability of the items or the van? Do they allow that you arrange your own pick up and delivery? Cause I learned about this service ''transportify." I haven't really tried it but about to. Wanting to buy a sofa bed kasi.

    1. Items are available pero hindi ko rin gets bakit ang tagal nila ideliver, not sure kung ganun pag provincial address. Sila ang nag-arrange ng delivery schedule. With regard to pick-up, nung first time namin, may binigay sila na specific days for pick-up so namili kami ng day. Dito sa second order, they gave us one week to pick-up the items. After our experience, naisip ko rin sana nagrent na lang kami ng service para mabilis. :)

  2. That's baad. Ako talga I usually work out for same day delivery or kasama na sa pag uwi delivery. haha.. Ang dami na kasing experiences sa ganyan na matagal mag deliver, tapos wala naman tayo magawa kung hindi mag hintay. =) Nagbigay sana sila ng free item, as a sign of apology hahaha

    1. Same here, as much as possible gusto ko ng iuwi agad yung pinamili ko. True, no choice kundi maghintay kaya nakakastress. Oh, they gave us free item naman.

  3. I don't like stress talaga especially when you aim to make life easier and more beautiful pero along the way, the other people are the ones causing the Inis. Well, sabi nga nila, nasasaiyo yan kapag magpapastress at inis ka. Ang hirap lang talaga hindi mainis. But then, oo nga, siguro no more delivery kubdi pick up na lang.

    1. True, ang hirap na hindi mastress kung ganito ang situation.

  4. Wow 24 days to deliver is way too long. I would have been stressed too considering you guys had to do several follow ups pa. Was planning pa naman to bring my hubby here to check out the furniture. Might check out another place na lang that's nearer to us.

    1. Yep, sobrang tagal ng delivery schedule nila. I'm not sure kung ganyan din sa NCR address.

  5. Ay grabe sila! So unprofessional. Baka kasi before iba ang supervisor/manager kaya no hassle. Pero still how would they gain loyal customers if they are like that. So sad. :(

    1. Agree, "Make a Customer not a Sale" it is hard to gain loyal customers pag ganito ang service.

  6. Hi, I would like to check on brimnes bed that you bought? Hindi naman madaling masira?

    1. Hello. Okay pa naman brimnes bed namin. Mukhang matibay naman.

  7. Please do not purchase from this store. We ordered online and took them 2 months to share an update of the delivery. I was able to reached their contact number for the first time after two weeks of daily calls and 4 weeks of never-ending follow up including writing on their website. After I was able to talk to a person, it took me another two weeks of follow up. After giving them my address 3 times - thru website order, email and call, their third party delivery still got a wrong address which I needed to make a separate follow up. My order is still pending as of this writing. Customer is beyond worst.

  8. experiencing the same thing 2021 na mukhang di pa rin sila nagbabago. hays. still waiting sa reply nila. mali ang size ng mattress na pinadala nila.

  9. They are selling items that are not in stock. We paid for several items as they are in stock and they deliver it as agreed. On the delivery day, its missing 1 item and they are saying its out of stock and need to wait for 6-8weeks. Their products looks good but dont expect to get it on time