November 05, 2018

Goodbye October and Hello November

Semestral break is over and my two boys are now back to school and work. I really did not feel the sembreak because we did not have any vacation. If you know me, I always look forward for long weekend vacation because it is our time to travel but just like other long weekends, Team Bahay lang kami. 

October month is such a stressful month. A lot of things are happening from left and right and it was a roller-coaster ride. So many up and downs of emotions and there are days that I just live one day at a time. 

First week of October 

We celebrated our son’s 10th birthday, we had an advance celebration at Sofitel Philippine Plaza ManilaIt was a good staycation since it was our first time to book a Luxury Club Room

My son caught a cold so we went to his doctor for check-up, bawal magkasakit at malapit na exam. 

Second week of October 

We went to Pangasinan to attend my grandmother-in-law's 80th birthday celebration. I was supposed to attend my college friends get-together on that day but of course, family first. 

Third week of October 

Start of long quizzes and second periodical is near so I busy was preparing for my son’s mock test. While checking my social media, I learned that my sister-in-law was in the hospital and few days after my aunt-in-law passed away. My husband was on his business trip during this week so we were not able to visit right away. 

When my husband arrived from his business trip, my son had an eye check-up (new glasses again) and we went to the wake. Our weekend was spent at the wake and household chores. 

Fourth week of October 

It was second periodical week so I was cramming for my son’s mock exam because I was not able to finish it last weekend. My aunt-in-law’s internment fell on a weekday so my husband was the only one who attended it. My son needs to take his exams because if not, I need to pay extra for his special exams and mahirap magpaschedule. 

Tuesday night, my son was complaining for stomachache, in my mind baka arte lang because he doesn’t like the ulam and he doesn’t like to study for his exams. So we stopped reviewing and he rested, pero nagsuka pa siya before nakatulog. 

The following day, he still went to school to take his exams and when he went home, he said he wanted to nap. I was surprised because my son doesn’t like to take a nap, “unsleepable” nga tawag niya sa sarili niya. So hinayaan ko na lang at ginising ng lunch time. He was not in the mood to eat lunch kasi antok nga daw siya. So I let him rest, in my mind “Anong oras pa kami magrereview, Math and Reading pa ang exam” 

Past 4PM, I woke him up so we can start reviewing and wala siya sa mood, then started to vomit again. This is the third time so my husband and I decided to go to the nearest hospital. He has no fever pero masakit tiyan and nagsusuka nga. The doctor was late and the line was long and we were home past 8PM. 

The doctor said, it was an “upset stomach” so my son needs to take medicine 30 minutes before eating time. We had no more time to review, so we took advantage the 30 minutes before meal na pagreview, we ate and we slept. Good thing, he can go to school naman since wala naman fever and hindi naman nagsuka sa school. I just don’t know kung nakasagot ng maayos sa exam. Hehehe! 

Fifth week of October 

Semestral break but we have no travel plans. And because of what happened to my sister-in-law, I decided to go back to my OB-Gyne and ipacheck na ang mga dapat ipacheck. Lab test, pap smear and isama na ultrasound. So as usual, I’m taking medicine again for my UTI and naloloka naman doctor ko at di ako tinatablan ng antiobiotic so I’m hoping on my third visit, clear na ko, baka irefer na naman ko ng OB sa Nephro. Waah! I’m tired of taking medicines and I need to go back to my Dentist, Derma, and Ophtha before the year-end.

In short, check-up, lamay (biyenan ng friend ko), and cemetery visits napunta ang semestral break namin. No regrets because I need to focus on my health if I want to live longer. Health is wealth and madugo din magpacheck-up. I’m thankful that I have health card, paano na lang kung wala, mas marami gastos. 

Goodbye October and Hello November 

So I want to say goodbye to October and say hello to November. I’m praying that this will be a good month, no more sadness. Wishing for happiness and good health to my family, friends and everyone. 

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give to your family and the world is a healthy you" 
- Joyce Meyer

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