November 26, 2018

Lunch at Cafe Mary Grace

I could not believe that we only have 29 days before Christmas. Honestly, I cannot feel the Christmas holiday right now. Life became busy and challenging, I’m literally taking one day at a time, focusing on the present, and ticking off my checklist. I’ve been going to the doctor every week since October 27, and I did not expect na magiging weekly check-up na ito. I’m undergoing different lab test and ultrasound and sa totoo lang nakakapagod na. But health is wealth so I need to do this.

Anyway, I had my ultrasound last week and after that, my husband and I ate lunch at Cafe Mary Grace Festival Mall. Parang naging favorite na namin si Cafe, Mary Grace, these past few months. It was time for lunch so medyo madami tao, this was our first time in this branch. Most of the time kasi nagtake-out lang ko ng ensaymada or cheese roll.

My husband ordered Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs P320 and I ordered Vigan Longganisa with scrambled egg P380. They served the pasta after 17 minutes, naghihintay pa si hubby ng order ko but I told him na mauna na. Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs is a tomato based pasta with Italian meatballs and flavored with bacon and chili. I tried the meatballs and it is good. My husband liked this dish, so far masasarap lahat ng pasta dish na natry namin.

After 8 minutes, my order came so 25 minutes from the time na nag-order kami, Just like other breakfast meals, it includes rice, eggs and side dishes. I was not happy with my order because the Vigan longganisa was overcooked, as in dry na kainin. I remembered my experience at Cafe Via Mare, dry din yung longganisa.

I ordered Mango Bene for our dessert, this dessert is a frozen layers of meringue, cream and mango. The cake is good but because of the frozen mango, nakakangilo sa ngipin so mas type ko si Mango Bravo.

After eating, we asked for our bill and it took them a looooooooong time to give us our bill. To think na katapat lang table namin ng cashier. One staff said, may problem lang daw sa system and when they gave our bill, may mali pa so ulit na naman. So mas matagal pa yung hinintay namin sa bill kaysa sa pag-order and pagkain. 35 minutes is so long para lang sa bill-out, napaisip ko na sana nagfastfood na lang kami. Parang gusto ko bawiin yung naisulat ko sa survey form. lol

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