December 23, 2018

4 Benefits of Using Custom-Made Stickers

Most people and organizations have not yet fully understood the importance of using custom made stickers in their marketing plan. They focus more on billboards and banners forgetting that small sized stickers can do so much for them in terms of reaching their target audience.

People who have maximized on the use of custom made stickers have achieved greater conversions from them. Let’s have a look at 4 benefits to using custom made stickers:

1. You Can Personalize Your Branding 

People always associate a brand with a certain type of sticker and if you have a custom made sticker design for your company, your brand will be able to stand out from the rest. The benefit of using a custom sticker is that you can differentiate your brand from the rest. You can have your sticker in a unique design with unique color combinations and in different shapes and sizes. This will make a unique impression on your target audience and every time they see your sticker, they automatically recognize your brand.

2. You Can Easily Pass Your Message Across 

The main reason for you having a sticker is to pass a message across to your target niche. You want them to know something that will benefit them, offer a product or service that will meet their need, your aim being to get them to come to you. With a custom made sticker, you can relay your message in your own personal way that you feel will effectively communicate to your target customers. Having studied your audience, you know what appeals most to them. As such, you can have the stickers designed with your message in that format that will connect well to your audience.

3. You Can Use Them Anywhere 

Other marketing methods that brands and companies use are limited to specific platforms. There is a lack of flexibility to incorporate them on other more personal platforms which you deem to be more effective in connecting with your desired market. For custom made stickers, however, you can have them designed in such a way that they can be fitted on mugs, pens, phone cases, book covers, laptops, bags, key holders, the list goes on and on. Don’t limit yourself. Have some custom made stickers which can fit on more platforms and widen your marketing scope.

4. They Have A Long Life Span 

Compared to calendars, hats, t-shirts and other types of marketing strategies commonly used, stickers have a longer lifespan. The material used to make them is quite durable and they can withstand different environments and conditions. Whether you stick them on your car and the sun is hot or the rains fall heavy, they still withstand the harsh conditions. Whether you have them on mugs and you wash them regularly, they still hold on well. They have a good lifespan and this cuts down the cost of remaking them over and over again.


Custom made stickers are much more advantageous to have and will serve the purpose of marketing your brand well. Their cost of production is low and their power of advertising is high. They are definitely a plus to have for your brand marketing. You can get Sticker Printing from Stickeroo. Check them out today.

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