December 03, 2018

Advent Calendar Ideas + Free Printable

I love planning so as early as September, I started preparing for the holiday. I already bought few gifts but when October came, life became pretty loaded. And because of that, I forgot about the holidays, as in wala na ko nagawa sa mga “Things to do list” ko. Then the DepEd announced for an early Christmas break, waah! Wala pa nga ko gifts for teachers and even exchange gifts. Well, I still don’t know if our school will follow it or not so saka ko na siya problemahin.

Now I’m cramming for my Advent Calendar. My son is already a tweenager so I thought he doesn’t want to do this activity anymore, pero gusto pa pala niya. So I guess I will do this every year hanggang magsawa siya.

Check below the different activities that we have done for the past years.

Advent Calendar 2014
Advent Calendar 2015
Advent Calendar 2016
Advent Calendar 2017

For 2018, here are my Advent Calendar ideas. Click here to print the FREE Printable

December 1 - Eat doughnut -checked
December 2 - Help decorate a tree - checked
December 3- Watch Christmas movie
December 4 - Write 3 things for which you’re grateful
December 5 - Sing Christmas carol
December 6 - Read a Christmas book
December 7 - Make a holiday card
December 8 - Do an extra chore
December 9- Play a board game
December 10 - Enjoy a hot chocolate
December 11 - Have a pajama day
December 12 - Give someone a 10-second hug
December 13 - Play Christmas music
December 14 - Draw pictures of fun Christmas activities we’ve done
December 15 - Wrap gift for others
December 16 - Organized your closet
December 17 - Count you money on your piggy bank
December 18 - Go look in your stocking for a special surprise
December 19 - Cook a pancake
December 20 - Research Christmas in another country
December 21 - Tidy your bedroom
December 22 - Read some stories about the birth of Jesus
December 23 - Open one small gift
December 24 - Help mommy cook
December 25 - Write 3 goals for the new year

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