April 03, 2019

Pepper Lunch at Southwoods Mall

It is not a secret anymore that I’m a meat lover so Pepper Lunch is one of my go-to restaurants if I want to eat steak. So I was really happy when I saw Pepper Lunch at Southwoods Mall, finally may malapit na rin. We used to eat at Alabang Town Center branch pa kaso. I also tried Shangri la Mall branch when my son celebrated his 8th birthday at EDSA Shangrila Hotel.

Last year, my friends had a get-together so we ate at Pepper Lunch. The restaurant is not that big, parang same sa ATC so pag punuan, sa labas ka na rin ng restaurant. It was a weekday and early lunch kami kaya wala pa tao. As usual, I ordered Shimofuri Pepper Steak P610 for our lunch get-together.

Just this week, we had a get-together again and we had dinner at Pepper Lunch. I always order the Big Rib Eye Steak or Pepper Steak but this time, I tried other meal kasi nagtitipid din ako. Hehehe! I ordered Beef Yakiniku P315, the meal has corn, beef, and plain rice.

The meal is just okay because I find it too sweet for my taste so nauumay ako. I wasn’t able to finish the beef slices kahit ang konti lang naman niya.

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Update June 2021

Since the first week of June, we’ve been eating a lot of meat because of my son’s graduation, hubby’s birthday, and our staycation at Gina’s Garden and Farm so I told myself na mag seafood diet muna ko. Then two weeks ago, out of the blue, before we sleep, my husband told me that he needs to spend $50 worth of food. 

Hubby: Kailangan ko gumastos ng $50 bukas, hanap ka ng restaurant. 
Me: Anong meron bakit tayo gagastos? 

Well, all the employees pala may $50 as part of their company event. I was surprised kasi first-time yun and one-day event lang so hindi pwede sa ibang araw mo gamitin. My son is not allowed inside the mall so we had no choice but to take out the food. Our initial plan is Bag O Shrimp since seafood diet nga ako di ba but when my husband arrived at the mall, closed yung restaurant.

Mahirap na rin kasi mag-isip so we settled at Pepper Lunch and we ordered our all-time favorite Australian Rib Eye. 3 orders of “The Giant” for PHP699 + PHP95 for the upgrade so we have 16oz drinks and a choice of soup or ice cream. Since this is a take-out, there is an additional PHP10 for each order. 

When my husband went home, we immediately ate the steak and medyo overcooked (well-done) yung steak so it is better to eat the steak at the restaurant, yung ikaw ang magluluto. But still, we’re thankful for our free dinner, first-time namin mag-order ng 3 premium steak, lagi kami share ng anak ko dito dati. 

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