April 26, 2019

Day Trip in Elverum Norway

My sister lives in Elverum which is 2 hours away from Oslo, the capital of Norway. So when we planned to revisit Norway, I did not book Manila to Trondheim anymore because we can stay in my sister's house before we start our Copenhagen - Stockholm - Oslo Trip. Elverum is a city and municipality in Hedmark county. It is named after the old Norse “Alfarheimr” which means river and farm. The population is less than 15,000.

I don’t have any itinerary for Elverum Trip because, in my mind, we are there to visit and to recover from jetlag. But since we are already there, my mom decided to visit some tourist spots. If ever you are planning to visit Elverum, you can visit the Norwegian Forest Museum, Glomdal Museum, Elverum Church, Elverum Park, and Glomma River.

Among the list, we were able to visit 3 tourist spots. Anyway, we started our tour after breakfast. We left the house at 9:30AM and we just walked all the way to the Glomma River, more or less 20 minutes walk.

Glomma River 

Glomma River is the longest river in Norway. Total length is 621 kilometers from Aursund to Oslofjord. It used to be the log-floating river but now they already transport those logs through trucks. The river is really long, we saw four bridges during our walking tour. I even saw some love locks in one of the bridges. There is also a bridge that connects Glomdal Museum and Norwegian Forest Museum. Some parts of the river are still frozen.

Glomdal Museum 

From Glomma River, we went straight to Glomdal Museum. If you want to save money, avail the joint ticket for Glomdal Museum and Forest Museum which we did. Glomdal Museum is one of the largest open-air museums in Norway. I think this is our first open-air museum, most of the time kasi nasa isang building lang yung museum na napupuntahan namin. But this museum is so huge where they display different buildings and living traditions in Østerladen and Solør. You can see the different houses, cottage, farmhouse, or establishments that was used in the past four centuries.

Watch the video here

Norwegian Forest Museum 

From Glomdal Museum, we crossed the bridge to Norwegian Forest Museum which is about 20 minutes walk. The Norwegian Forest Museum is one of the largest museums in Norway and it presents the history of hunting, trapping, forestry, and fishing industry. You can see different animals here and there are also workshops where you can join. This museum is huge too but we stayed most of the time inside the building since we’re freezing outside already.

Watch the video here

From here, we walked about 30 minutes to reach home, it was a long walk but better than taking a taxi. Hehehe! It was tiring but we enjoyed our museum trip, it is nice to know the history of Norway and Elverum. And because of this, we did not go out anymore the following day so we could reserve our energy for our next trip. 

Glomdal Museum 
Museumsvegen 15, 2406 Elverum

Norwegian Forest Musem 
Soloervegen 151, 2407 Elverum


  1. These are the kind of places that I wish I could bring my son and my Mom too. They deserve to see beautiful places like this. I wish that everyone can go there and savor the moment. I'm glad you guys did.

  2. This is such a nice place. Travelling is on top of my bucket list. Wish I can bring my family to a foreign country like this. They'll sure love to experience snow.

  3. I think that if we ever get to go to a country like Norway, I wouldn't have an itinerary either because everything's going to be interesting.

    Love your photo by the river. It seems peaceful and calm there.