May 23, 2019

Lunch at Vinjefjordskroa Retaurant, Pub and Bryggeri

It was already lunch time when we finished crossing the Atlantic Road so on our way back to Ørland, we were looking for a restaurant. One challenge that I see in Norway is there are limited restaurants especially if you are traveling outside the city. So it is better to bring snacks and drinks so you won’t get hungry.

We experienced this after our trip in Atlantic Road, we could not find a restaurant. We stopped by in one restaurant and it was closed, the only day that they are closed is Saturday and we arrived on Saturday. The next restaurant that we saw was still closed, they will resume on May 17. We were really hungry and eating bread is not enough, naglolokohan na kami na baka sa Melissa na kami kakain. It is a restaurant in Ørland Sentrum.

Unlike in the Philippines that you can see a lot of drive-thru in the expressway. After few hours of driving, we finally saw Vinjefjordskroa Restaurant, Pub, and Bryggeri. Finally, the search is over. Vinjefjorskroa serves food and local beer from Fjord Brewery. They serve middag or dinner at 2PM. You can choose a buffet or a la carte.

The menu was written in the chalkboard and there is no English version of that. I did not bother my mom to translate the menu, I just chose the Fisk og Chips 150NOK and Nuggets and Chips because I can read and understand it. I forgot the exact price of the kid’s meal but it is less than 100NOK.

This restaurant has a nice view but we did not sit outside because it was so cold. I just enjoy the view while waiting for our food. My fish and chips were served on a paper, it is an advantage if I want to take out my food.

When in Europe, expect that Kid’s meal is just like a regular serving in Asia so sometimes I want to order in Kid’s menu too kasi nahihirapan ako ubusin yung adult meal. Hehehe! Food, place and service are good.

Vinjefjordskroa Retaurant, Pub and Bryggeri 
Vinjefjordsveien 229, 7203
Vinje, Sør-Trøndelag

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