May 27, 2019

Oslo Central Station to Trondheim Central Station via NSB Train

Oslo is the capital city of Norway and Trondheim is the third populous city in the country. There are several ways to go to Trondheim from Oslo or vice versa. You can travel by air, sea, land, and rail. Among the options, we already tried traveling by car, plane, and train. Most of the time we traveled by plane because it is the fastest way, travel time is less than 1 hour.

After our Oslo Trip, my husband needs to go back to the Philippines while my son and I will stay in my mom’s place in Ørland. As early as 5:45AM, we checked-out at Cochs Pensjonat and off we went to Oslo Central Station. We have 4 pieces of luggage so we took a taxi. Our train schedule is still 8:02AM so we waited for almost two hours for the train. My husband bought his train ticket on the day of our trip, Oslo Central Station to Oslo Lufthavn (Airport)

Oslo Station to Trondheim Station | 08.02 - 14.45 Travel time is 6 h 43 min 1 change Track 16 Region towards Trondheim 

Oslo Central Station to Trondheim Central Station via NSB train 

The train arrived 30 minutes before the departure so off we went to the track. For the very first time, we rode the train from Oslo to Trondheim. A month before our trip, my mom bought our train ticket from Oslo Central Station to Trondheim Central Station. Travel time is almost 7 hours compared to 55 minutes plane ride. 1197NOK for 2 adults and 1 kid. It is cheaper compared to 996NOK that I paid for Trondheim to Oslo via SAS for 1 adult and 1 kid.

Family Carriage

My mom bought a family ticket. There is a separate carriage for that so if you are traveling with kids in tow, it is better to choose a family ticket. There is a space for strollers, big comfort room, play area for kids and FREE entertainment kit. My son received a loot bag, it includes a coloring book, stickers and color pencil.

NSB Cafe

If you travel by train in Norway; food and drink are not a problem because there are vending machines where you can buy snacks and drinks. For long travel, there is the NSB Cafe. You can check the NSB menu online and there is also available menu inside the train so you have an idea on what to order before going to the cafe. The price is not cheap, one rice meal (169NOK) and one bottle of softdrink (42NOK) is already 211NOK or PHP1250+ for one person. Waah! They are using wooden utensils.

Tip: To save money, book your ticket in advance and bring your own food.

Dovre Railway

There is FREE wifi on the train but I’m still worried that I might get bored for our 7 hours train ride. But I was wrong, I enjoyed the scenic journey of Dovre Railway. I always look forward to seeing the different train station, it may be small but it has a unique charm. Hjerkinn Train Station is one of the stops if you will take Oslo to Trondheim train. This is the highest point of Dovre Railway at 1024 meters. The view is stunning and it makes me think that Norway is indeed a beautiful country.

I was happy that we rode the train instead of the plane. The train ride is already a travel experience because I’ve seen the Mjøsa Lake, Gudbrandsdalen valley, Dovrefjell mountain range, Norway’s national parks, mountains, and other breathtaking attractions. As of now, this is my most unforgettable train ride and I hope in the future I could also try the other railways like the Nordland Railway, Bergen Railway, Rauma Railway, Flåmsbana Railway, and Sørlandsbanen.

There are 13 stops from Oslo Central Station to Støren station. At the time of our travel, we need to get off at Støren station and ride a bus to Trondheim Central Station. It is not always like that but I think there was maintenance on the week of our travel so we had no choice. The bus was already waiting at the time of our arrival, you just need to be fast because it is FREE seating so first come first serve.

This was a long day for all us because my husband traveled back to the Philippines and we traveled to Ørland. We rode a taxi, train, bus, ferry boat and car just to reach my mom’s place. We’re on the road, rail, and sea for a total of 11 hours.

Oslo Central Train Station to Trondheim Central Train Station Video 
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