November 10, 2020

Homemade Crepe Using Pancake Mix

If you’ve been following my blog, you know for sure that I always have a pancake mix in our pantry. I used this mix to prepare different meals like leche flan puto, steamed puto, waffle, and of course pancake. I have tried different brands of pancake mix already and last week, I finally used my Toro Pannekaker. I bought this during our summer vacation in Norway

My son and I enjoyed the thin pancake of Norway and Sweden. We haven’t tried the pancake in Denmark since we always cook our own breakfast at Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger. And because we love the pancake, my mom also cooks this for our breakfast and of course, I did not leave Norway without buying the pancake mix.  These are some pancakes that we ate during our Scandinavia trip; pancake in pancake in SkansenMcDonalds Sweden, pancake in Scandic Kristiansund, and my mom's pancake using Toro Pannekaker.

Sixteen months had passed and I forgot about the instant mix that I bought. Good thing that I saw the Toro Pannekaker mix last week before the expiration date. I immediately cooked pancake na mukhang crepe sa Pilipinas. Hehehe! What I love about this mix, you just need to add water. So I just add 12dl of water to my pancake mix and cook in a hot, greased pan. 

According to my research, the batter can be kept at least 3 days in the refrigerator but I cooked all the batter. It’s been a long time since I cooked crepe at home because I always have a hard time flipping it so I was glad that my crepe turned out fine last weekend. My platter of crepe lasted for 3 days only, we ate it during breakfast and merienda. I prepared different types of crepe using what we have in the kitchen. Nutella crepe, Banana crepe and Mango crepe + powdered sugar, whipped cream, and ice cream. Next time, I will add chocolate syrup. :)

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