November 08, 2021

COVID19 Vaccine for Teens

It was only last month when we had our pneumococcal vaccine. I decided to have this vaccine for added protection while waiting for the COVID19 vaccine for kids and teens. It took us a long time to get our vaccines so I did not expect that my son will have his vaccine this year. 

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When I saw the announcement, I did not register immediately because their priority is Pediatric A3 and my son has no comorbidity. After few days, I decided to register and still checked the (without comorbidity). I thought it will take us weeks or months to get a schedule so I was really surprised that after 2 days we received a text and it fell on Saturday so my son doesn’t need to be absent from his online classes.

I immediately searched if it is safe to get the COVID19 vaccine because we just had our pneumococcal vaccine and fortunately, we can have other vaccines 2 weeks before and after the COVID19 vaccines. Thank God at pwede ang anak ko kung hindi mahirap magpareschedule ulit if he missed his first dose. 

My husband and son went to the vaccination site and it took them more than 2 hours bago nakauwi sa house. Late nagstart and mahaba ang pila, pero mabilis naman ang process. Requirements are Birth Certificate and Valid ID of the child. My son had his first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and the common side effects are. 

Pfizer-BioNTech Common Side Effects 

Pain on injection site 
Muscle pain 
Joint pain 
Swollen lymph nodes 
Decreased appetite 

Luckily, my son did not experience any side effects and I was really surprised kasi kahit pain on injection site wala daw. I am not sure kung mataas pain tolerance ng anak ko kasi kahit nung nag-undergo siya ng circumcision, hindi man lang uminom ng pain reliever. Anyway, I hope sa second dose, wala rin side effects.


My son had his second dose of Pfizer, first day no side effects, second day nagkaroon ng headache. 


Since the face-to-face class is fast approaching, my son had his booster shot. The side effect is headache and pain at the injection site. 

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