November 04, 2021

Recipes Using Pizza Dough

Since last year, I’ve been following Chef RV Manabat’s page and I enjoy watching his recipe videos. I took note of the recipes that I liked to try and one of those recipes is the homemade pizza dough. I already tried different pizza dough recipes in the past, but I liked his recipe because all I need to do is mix all the ingredients and store the dough in the fridge. I can use my dough the following day or even after few days. 

I can no longer count how many times I’ve made this homemade dough recipe because it became an instant favorite after I tried it last August. Although this is pizza dough, we don’t need to stick with pizza only because there are a lot of recipes that we can do using pizza dough like cheese roll, calzones, flatbread. pizza pockets, breadsticks, stromboli, or even cinnamon rolls. 

So for the past few months, I am making bread roll with different fillings, I tried Nutella, Ube Jam, Mozzarella Cheese, Quickmelt Cheese, Cream Cheese, Salami, Sausage, and any other stuffings that are available in my kitchen. I always prepare and bake two batches of this recipe and it will only last for 3 days. We will just reheat the bread in the oven toaster for few minutes and we have instant breakfast or merienda na. 

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