December 18, 2021


Seven days to go and it’s already Christmas and I still don’t have holiday plans. Waah! But I don’t want to stress about it so I will just take one day at a time. So for now, let me lessen my endless backlogs. 

Four years ago my son had his First Communion and just a week ago, he already had his Confirmation. If there is no community quarantine, my son will have his Confirmation last year because this is part of their event in their school. But there is no news about it so when my friend informed me that there is Confirmation here in our place, I immediately informed my husband about it so he can register my son.

Even though I don’t fully understand the Sacrament of Confirmation, I know that it is a special event for my son so I still prepare something for this event. First is the Confirmation Cake Topper, this is just a layer of glitter and metallic cardstock. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use this cake topper because my son doesn’t want a cake. He prefers to eat leche flan and the topper is too big for the flan. Anyway, it is still a souvenir that I will keep. 

And because of the COVID19 scare, only one parent and godparent are allowed to attend the Confirmation so I was not able to witness my son’s Confirmation but in spirit, I am there. Since there is only one godparent, I DIY the Confirmation Souvenir

I just personalized this mug using Teckwrap color-changing vinyl (hot) and designed a Care Card Instruction and Confirmation Gift Tag. I found the message on Pinterest and I just recreated it. I edited this file so just in case you need a souvenir tag, feel free to download it here. (size is 3x3 inches). 

"To my Confirmation Sponsor,

Thank you for being my godparent. May God bless you for your commitment to walk with me on my special journey, leading by example when the path isn't clear, waiting for me when problems slow my pace and offering to fly with me when my spirit wants to soar. 

With love,"

I also make a card for my son, (the message is from Pinterest too). I did not buy a gift because I am taking a break from online shopping. I dislike delay delivery during Christmas Season so I just bought a gift at the mall after our celebration. 

"Confirmation is a time to remember the promises of God. He has said that He will always be there to guide us in every circumstance and to renew our faith when we are discouraged. He offers us the strength to overcome temptation and difficulties. Most of all. He has promised that He will always love us."

After the Confirmation, my husband fetched me and we had lunch at Kuya J. I have a gift voucher that I want to use so we ate here. It’s been a long time since we at Kuya J and I was surprised when I saw their menu because the food that I used to order, was no longer there. My husband ordered Crispy Pata PHP590, Pinakbet PHP210, Rice Platter PHP125, Iced Tea Pitcher PHP180, Leche Flan PHP75, and Kuya J Halo-Halo Espesyal (Original and Ube) PHP120.

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