December 13, 2017

First Communion of my Son

Nowadays, interfaith marriage is very common so I know that I’m not the only one who belongs to mixed marriages. When I say mixed marriage, it means that the husband and wife have different religions or beliefs. I’m a Born Again Christian and my husband is a Catholic, we may have different beliefs but it was never an issue in our marriage. We don’t convince, persuade or force each other to convert. We do respect our own choices, beliefs, and values.

I was also a product of mixed marriages, my father is Protestant and my mother is a Born Again Christian and as we grow old we chose our own beliefs. So when it comes to my son, I give him the freedom to choose. As long as we believe in one God and we know that religion alone will not save us. But of course, I would be happy if we have the same belief.

Since last month, my son was preparing for his first communion, he was baptized in the Catholic church and also studying in Catholic School. Two weeks ago, he told that non-communicants are on vacation already.

Ethan: Mommy, non-communicants will not go to school starting Monday. December 11 na sila papasok.
Me: Talaga, one week yun. Ang haba ng bakasyon. Gusto mo bakasyon na rin tayo, wag ka na pumasok.
Ethan: Huh! I’m a Catholic e.

Natawa na lang ko, may paninindigan na pala anak ko. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just testing him. We already bought white longsleeves, nagphotoshoot na rin sila and we already invited my in-laws to attend my son’s communion.

The day before his communion, my son was asking me if I’m excited.

Ethan: Mommy, are you excited?
Me: Bakit?
Ethan: First communion ko.
Me: Kelangan ko ba maexcite? Are you excited?
Ethan: Yes, first communion ko yun. What’s the taste of the bread?
Me: Tasteless Hehehe!

Kaloka, curious pala siya sa lasa ng hostia

Fast forward to communion, we picked up my in-laws, and off we went to church. Sa sobrang aga namin, nakadalawang mass pa kami. lol! It was my first time witnessing communion. After communion, we went straight to Nina’s Kitchen to celebrate.

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