September 20, 2022

Food Trip at Acuaverde Resort

Four years ago, we had a Day Trip at Acuaverde Resort and we enjoyed our experience so when my husband was looking for a resort last year, this is one of his choices. We liked Acuaverde Resort because of the full board meals so we were surprised when we inquired; the food is no longer included in their rate. Despite that, my husband still booked the resort because it’s been three years since our last beach getaway. 

We stayed in Acuaverde Resort for three days so I’m sharing the food that we ate during our stay. The resort has two dining options, one is Cocina Restaurant and the other one is Al Fresco Bar but during our stay, all meals were served at Al Fresco Bar. The printed menu has an Acuatico Beach Resort logo so I'm not sure if same menu lang yung 2 resorts for a la carte? We had buffet dinner and breakfast kasi sa Acuatico Beach Resort so wala akong menu na nakita before. Since this is a pet-friendly resort, there is also a special menu for your pets.  

Dinner Time 

For our first night, we ordered Crispy Pork Kare-Kare PHP475, Calamares Fritos PHP300, Rice and Ripe Mango Shake PHP170. We enjoyed our meal and we liked the peanut sauce of Kare-Kare and the calamares is tender so hindi makunat kainin. 

Crispy Pork Kare-Kare - Thrice cooked pork belly with special Acuatico peanut sauce, vegetables and bagoong guisado. 

Calamares Fritos with Roasted Garlic Mayo 

Buffet Breakfast 

For breakfast, meals are served buffet-style or a la carte, it depends on resort occupancy so on our first breakfast, it is a managed-buffet style. We had chicken sotanghon, omelet, pancake, bread, salad, fruits, potato, rice (fried and steamed) and different viands like giniling guisado, hotdog, bacon, adobo, fish fillet, and scrambled egg. 

Lunch Time 

There are meals that are not available during our stay so naging limited tuloy yung mga options namin. For lunch, we ordered Bangus Al Ajillo PHP450, Pinakbet Laiya PHP350, Rice and Noli’s Special Halo-Halo PHP200. Masarap yung halo-halo and good for sharing din kasi malaki naman. 

Bangus Al Ajillo - deep-fried bangus topped with garlic sauce. 

Pinakbet Laiya - a melange of vegetables, stewed in shrimp paste topped with white shrimp and tinapa floss. 

Noli’s Special Halo-Halo - creamy snow-shaved ice with sweetened banana, macapuno, leche flan topped with ube ice cream. 

Dinner Time 

For our dinner, medyo nahihirapan na kami mag-order kasi wala na kami mapili sa mga available so we just ordered Sizzing Sisig PHP275, Rice and Meat Overload Pizza PHP495. We liked all our previous meals but this meal, “okay lang” so hindi namin naubos. Take-out na lang namin pizza kasi sayang naman ang leftover. 

Breakfast Time 

Our second breakfast is no longer buffet, you can choose from Breakfast Bowls Filipino Favorites or American Breakfast. Each dish is served with soup of the day, fresh fruits, bread, coffee/tea and juice.

Filipino Favorites: Batangas Tapa, Lucban Longganisa, San Juan Tocino, and Laiya Fried Bangus
American Breakfast: Sausage & Toast, Bacon & Pancake, and Sausage & Waffle 

We ordered Batangas Tapa, Lucban Longganisa and Laiya Fried Bangus. The meal includes garlic rice, fried egg, grilled tomato, and pickled papaya and radish. So even though it is not a buffet, ang dami pa rin food and we had a hard time finishing our bowl breakfast, ang dami kasi rice. Ang sarap nung soup nila, bulalo yata. Nakadalawang soup (dahil ayaw ng anak ko) ako kaya nabusog agad bago dumating rice bowl. :)

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