July 22, 2015

Staycation: Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel

There are so many resorts in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, as in sa dami niya I don’t think I could try them all. So far we’ve visited four resorts including Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel. You can check here the other resorts that we’ve visited.  

Acuatico is one of the popular resorts in San Juan, Batangas so it is really in my bucket list for so long. I want to reserve a room but I find it expensive for my budget since I've read a lot of mixed reviews so I was really thinking if it is really worth it. Secondly, it was hard to book a room because it is always fully booked, as in you need to book ahead of time especially summer season.

Imagine my excitement when my husband told me that we will go to Acuatico Beach Resort. He received a confirmation voucher last month from a friend and it was already booked. I want to insert happy dance here but when I checked our calendar, it is my son’s first monthly exam. Spell R-E-V-I-E-W time. 

In addition, there were no classes for 3 days due to bad weather. So a week before our trip, I was praying hard for good weather, sayang naman if hindi matuloy and like I said mahirap magpabook. 

Fast forward to our trip, we went to Asian Hospital first for my 12th session of phototherapy  then off we went to Batangas. Travel time from Alabang is more or less 3 hours including our drive-thru at Jollibee San Juan Batangas for our lunch. 

Arrived at the resort at 12:12NN. They gave us welcome drinks and since check-in time is 1PM we need to wait but we can already use the amenities and facilities while waiting. 

Finally, I saw the beauty of Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel and it is indeed picturesque. Click here for the video

Twin bed

Complimentary drinks and cookie (uraro), complimentary coffee and tea,  mini ref, safety deposit box, bible and cable tv and phone.

It was past 1PM so we had to follow up for our room so late check-in again. Our room is called Alta Vista and it is the cheapest and smallest room. The room is really small but I was happy because there is bathtub. It is located at the 3rd floor of the hotel and our view is parking lot. Hehehe! 

I was expecting that we will rest first before exploring the resort but my husband wanted to go to game room. So we played table tennis and air hockey. 

Then we went to the beach to play sand and have fun with waves. I was thankful that it was not raining but the waves were too strong so even the kayak and pedal boat are free to use, we're not allowed to use it for safety reason. My son is not really into beach because according to him, there are sharks there so he just loves playing with sand. So
 I was surprised that he enjoyed the beach during our last trip. 

Dinner is not included in our package so we have no choice but to avail the buffet dinner of Oceano because they don’t offer a la carte. PHP675 for adult and half rate for my 6 yrs old son. I just wished they have pork or beef dish in their menu para sulit naman ang P675.

While eating dinner, I was surprised when my son told me “Mommy, I saw my classmate here”. True enough he saw his classmate in the hallway when we went back to our room. What a small world, so nagkainstant playmate ang aking anak the following morning. (Nabuking na di nagrereview sa exam.) 

The 6 dishes for buffet dinner are lemon butter tanigue, callos, pinakbet, seafood curry, fish fillet and a chicken dish. 

The following day, we went out early to take some pictures para wala ganu tao but unfortunately may mga gising na rin pala. Hehehe! 

We had buffet breakfast in Oceano
Then we spent our remaining time in beach and pool. Check out time is 11AM.


1. We really like the place, like I said it is picturesque. 

2. The service is good from our check-in until we left. The staffs are approachable, they will greet you or smile at you. 
3. They provided a small booklet where you can see the different amenities and facilities that they offer including the operating hours.
4. I’ve been to different resort and Acuatico is not that big but it provides amenities and facilities that you need like spa, gift shop, playroom, game room, basketball, volleyball, and others. 
5. The room is small but it has bathtub. 
6. First time to see rubber slippers, most of the time bedroom slippers lang ang nakalagay. There are laundry bag, umbrella, blower and flashlight too.
7. Free wi-fi and we did not have any problem with our connection even when we’re in the beach chair. 
8. Bringing of food and drinks are not allowed but they provide complimentary water drinks so don’t worry. We are early sleepers so nagising talaga kami na may nagdoor bell, the staff gave us one pitcher of cold water. We did not ask for it or naligaw lang ng room ang nagdeliver.


1. Check-in time is 1PM but our room was not ready by 1PM.

2. They don’t have a la carte so we have no choice but to avail the buffet dinner. The taste of the food is ok but for me, choices were very limited. Same with breakfast, they need to add more dish. 
3. There were flies inside the restaurant. There were lighted candles on the table to shoo the flies but I think it is really better if there are no flies inside the restaurant.
4. Free use of kayak and pedal boat are included in the package but we were not able to use it because of the strong waves. I wish the rate is cheaper during the rainy season. 
5. The room is small and the bed is so close to the main door so you can really hear the footsteps of the guests outside, first room pa naman kami sa hallway. So it is really hard to sleep especially maaga kami natutulog. 

Overall, we had a great time in Acuatico so it is no longer surprising if people go here in spite of expensive rate. We left before 11AM because we have to review pa for my son’s exam baka naalon na yung inaral namin before kami umalis. lol

Acuatico Beach Resort & Hotel 

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, 
Philippines 4226

Note: Once you reach San Juan, Batangas, there's a booth there where you have to pay P20 each for Ecological Fee. The ticket will be collected at the resort. 

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  1. The view looks so beautiful but looking at the picture of the room, it really looks small.

  2. Ang ganda sis. Planning to have a staycation on our anniversary. Sana nga holiday but hindi naman, hehe.

  3. What a nice looking pool! This looks like a great place to stay. I will keep this in mind when I visit Batangas.

  4. Wow! Batangas really have a lot of beautiful beaches and resorts. I hope to get to visit one in the future.

  5. LOVE it! Super ganda and relaxing ng place, perfect for weekend getaway and family vacation. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. I've been wanting to visit Acuatico since around 5 years ago. Nice review. Thanks :)

  7. I like to visit Aquatico for a, long time, is it expensive ba since I need to book 3 rooms for us. 675 for he buffet for the 6 choices of food is kinda expensive

    1. I checked my receipt, it is P7k+ for the room. (smallest). They have bigger rooms that can accommodate big family. Yes, 6 choices for ulam but there are fruit station, pasta station, salad station and dessert station but choices are limited.

  8. We went there last week of July too, I loved their breakfast buffet. Lot of choices and so yummy. We have not tried their dinner buffet, too expensive for a group of 14 pax so we drove to Jollibee (town proper I guess). We stayed in one of their biggest cottage with 3 bedrooms near the pool. It is really picturesque and calm. Even if they are fully booked we did not feel that it is crowded (compared to other resorts ha). I love that there are lifeguards/ security that roaming around the pool and beach area. The term is secluded even if in between resorts lang din siya. Very safe lang din. We tried their cocktails, okay din. We will definitely go back there.

    1. it's weird that it did not take my profile when I post a comment.

  9. Hi just wondering.. There is 2 twin bed right? 1 bed can occupy two person already right?

    1. Hi, yes, there is twin bed. The photo above is the bed, they just put it together. If the person is slim, two persons will fit. :)

  10. how to reserve room here?

    1. Visit Acuatico website or call/email Tel: +632 6515972 E-mail: reservations@acuaticoresort.com.ph