November 28, 2022

Unplugging at Lilom Resort Anilao

It’s been a while since my last blog post, blame it on the approaching holiday season. I have a long list of things to do but I’m taking a break for now so I can share our beach trip at Lilom Resort. We recently went to Anilao. Batangas, pero bago ko iblog iyong third resort, I will share the second resort that we have tried in Anilao several months ago. 

I mentioned before that we were supposed to celebrate Father’s Day on the beach but it did not happen so my husband rescheduled our celebration for a later date. At that time, Lilom Resort is not accepting guests within 14 days of arrival from overseas so hindi rin pala kami pwede ng Father’s Day because my son and I just came back from Norway. 

Lilom Resort COVID Safe Requirements and LGU guidelines: 

A. If you are FULLY VACCINATED, please present your vaccination card upon entry. No need to submit a COVID test. 
B. If you are UNVACCINATED or have had only a SINGLE DOSE, we require a NEGATIVE NASAL SWAB Test Result within 48 hours of arrival date from accredited DOH testing centers. Please bring a printout of the test result to give to our staff upon arrival. Saliva tests are not accepted. The nasal swab RT PCR and the Rapid Antigen Tests are the only ones we can accept.  Kids 11 years old and under do not need to present a swab test. 
C. We can not yet accept pregnant women and people with comorbidities. 

Lilom Resort offers day trips, overnight, and exclusive block-off rates. The room rate is per person/per night and the rate includes meals and government taxes. 

Welcome Drink 
Lunch upon arrival 
Afternoon Snack 3PM 
Sunset Cocktails 5:30PM 
Dinner 7PM 
Breakfast 7AM 
Filtered drinking water 
Pressed coffee or tea

The rate varies too, depending on the room that you will choose. Lilom Resort has 7 rooms, Butanding, Paraw, Kubo, Tuko, Pawikan, Capiz and Satcho’s House. We are a group of 5 people and we chose Pawikan and Capiz room for PHP3,500/person. 

Reserving a room is easy because everything is done via email. To confirm the reservation, a 50% deposit is needed via bank transfer. The resort only accepts cash payments or online transfers. No free wifi and the data signal is not stable so it is better to bring cash or pay the full amount prior to the trip.

Staycation at Lilom Resort 

Our first staycation in Anilao, Batangas was in Vivere Azure so when we booked Lilom Resort we have no expectations at all because we knew that it was not a 5-star luxury resort. I suggested this resort to my husband because I have no idea na isasama niya in-laws ko. So when I learned that, I was searching for other resorts na hindi mahihirapan ang Senior Citizens but my husband already paid the downpayment na pala. #nagmamadali. 

So I warned him about the 300 meters walk from the public parking lot to the resort and 220 steps down to the resort. He immediately called my mother-in-law to ask “kung kakayanin ba niya?”. She said yes, so we proceeded with our trip. 

Check-in time is 12NN, we left the house past 8AM, fetched our in-laws and off we went to Lilom Resort. We arrived at the parking lot before 11AM and we waited for more than 30 minutes before the porter assisted us. Check-out time is 11AM so busy ang staff sa paghatid sa guests. 

I already conditioned my mind that going to the resort is not easy but during our trip, manageable naman. It took us more or less five minutes except for my in-laws, more than 10 minutes. Good thing that it was not high tide so hindi naman kami nabasa. If I have extra time, I will share a video so you can manage your expectation. 

Upon arrival, the staff served our welcome drinks and asked for our vaccination cards. We also registered to their Guest Logbook. As expected the resort is only small, it has 7 rooms, a dining area, sunset soak pools, and a healing garden. 

They allowed us to go to our room before 12NN. My family stayed at the Capiz Room, this room has no window so hindi pwede sa claustrophobic. We have 2 double beds, 1-day bed, a private bathroom with hot showers, aircon, hammocks, and a balcony. I was glad that the other room is not occupied so solo namin yung balcony. 

My in-laws stayed in Pawikan room, which has 2 double beds, a private bathroom, aircon, a hammock and a patio. 

After checking our room, the staff asked if we wanted to eat our lunch, of course, we said yes. The meals are no longer buffet style, it is now plated but you can ask for seconds. Based on our experience, generous ang servings nila so nahihirapan na nga kami ubusin e. For food, expect meat, seafood, a vegetable dish, and dessert. Oh my goodness, blogging about this trip makes me hungry, wala kami ginawa dito kundi kumain. 

Lunch: Grilled Tanigue, Roast Chicken, Kare-kareng Gulay, Rice and Mango 

Snacks: Turon with Hot Chocolate 

Cocktail: Mojito and Toast Bread 

Dinner: Grilled Pusit, Grilled Liempo, Chopsuey, Rice, and Sweet Banana 

Breakfast: Corned Beef, Omelet, Fried Rice, Pancake, Pandesal, Melon and Banana 

Things to Do at Lilom Resort? Unplug… there is no wifi, no television and data signal is not strong so the best thing to do is appreciate nature. If you want a massage, you can book in advance, PHP600 per hour. 

Since Anilao is known for a stony beach, diving and snorkeling, it is best to bring booties, aqua socks, snorkel, and floaters. We did not bring any, so I am thankful na meron naman mahihiraman sa Lilom. My husband and son borrowed a life vest and aqua shoes so they can enjoy the beach. 

Reminders from Lilom Resort: The area in front of Lilom is a marine protected area so there are a lot of corals and marine life to check out (perhaps you’ll be lucky to see the resident turtles). Please do not touch, remove, step on, or harass any of the living creatures (starfish, sea cucumbers, etc) including the hard corals that look like boulders. Most of these sea creatures and corals are sensitive and die when touched and we wouldn’t want that. Others are poisonous and can badly sting and ruin your holiday. 

Lilom Resort is not a luxury resort but we enjoyed our stay here, we liked the food and the service. Check-out time is 11AM but we left earlier because we knew that going up is challenging, On our way out, the staff informed us to wait because the manager asked permission pala sa katabing resort kung pwede dumaan yung Mother-in-law ko doon, Wow, we did not ask for it but the manager took an extra mile. We were so surprised and of course, thankful. So the staff ushered my mother-in-law and took an easier path while the rest of us, traveled to the usual route. 

Lilom Resort Anilao 
San Teodoro,Mabini/Anilao Mabini, Batangas

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