March 01, 2015

Soak up the Sun at Batangas Resort

March is here and it is the time of the year again when we start planning for summer adventures. It is not easy to research and reserve because we all know that most of the resorts are fully booked during April and May. It really pays to reserve in advance because summer is #peakseason. 

Speaking of summer getaways. If you are living in Metro Manila and the southern part of Luzon, Batangas is a popular summer destination because of the beach resorts. We live in South Luzon so it is our go-to place if we want to have fun in the sun. There are so many resorts in different parts of Batangas but I will share the resorts that we have tried in the past. 

Batangas Resorts 

1. Golden Sunset Resort 

Golden Sunset Resort is located in Calatagan, Batangas owned by Ricky Reyes. The resort has different types of swimming pools but no beach (just beach sand). It offers an outdoor museum, playground, butterfly garden, and serendipity spa which you can visit during your leisure time. During our visit, there was a parade show of sea creatures. The place is a little bit big but don’t worry there is a mini-jeepney inside the resort that transports guests. 

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2. Kabayan Resort 

Kabayan Resort is the cheapest resort that we’ve visited in Laiya, San Juan Batangas because the entrance fee is only P100 for adults and P50 for 11 years old and below so it is not surprising that the place is crowded during peak season. It offers both beach and a swimming pool but there will be an additional fee if you want to use the swimming pool. You can bring your own food and drinks without a corkage fee. 

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3. Blue Coral Resort 

Blue Coral Resort is the second beach resort that we’ve tried in Laiya, San Juan Batangas. The resort facilities, rooms, and services were good but the food was just ok for us. Food and drinks are not allowed so you have to avail of their food package for P1,100 per person which includes buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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4. La Luz Resort 

Another beach resort that we’ve visited in Laiya, San Juan Batangas is La Luz Resort, the resort is always fully booked even in lean season so make sure that you make a reservation for a day trip and overnight stay. The day trip fee is P850 which includes buffet lunch and merienda, you can add buffet breakfast for an additional fee of P200 per head. The beach resort has no swimming pool. 

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5. Stilts Calatagan Resort 

Stilts Calatagan Resort is one of the resorts that I’ve been meaning to visit but their room accommodation is quite steep in my budget so we just had a day trip. It offers a beach and swimming pool. The beach in Calatagan, Batangas is not as good compared to Laiya, San Juan Batangas so manage your expectation. Food and drinks are allowed but with a corkage fee. I like the service at Stilts Calatagan and if ever I have a budget I would like to revisit the place but this time for an overnight stay in one of their cottages. 

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6. Canyon Cove Resort 

Canyon Cove Resort is located in Nasugbu, Batangas, just like other resorts this place is always fully booked whether lean or peak season. We just visited this place last November and my mom wanted to have an outing here but when I checked the March weekend schedule last November, fully booked na agad. The resort has both a swimming pool and a beach. I prefer the beach in Nasugbu compared to Calatagan and Laiya, San Juan Batangas (hindi kasi bigla lalim and hindi maalon).

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7. Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel 2015

Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel is one of the popular resorts in San Juan, Batangas. It is known for its beautiful infinity pool. The resort is not that big but it provides the things that you need for you to enjoy your stay. The rate is on the pricey side but the service is good. 

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8. Vivere Azure 2016

If you want to relax and unwind, go to Vivere Azure. You will enjoy your getaway here because the service is impeccable, the place is not crowded and the food is good. Perfect getaway if you want privacy. It offers a beach and swimming pool.

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9. Hamilo Coast Pico De Loro 2018

We stayed at Pico Sands Hotel but you can also rent a condominium in order to enter Hamilo Coast Pico De Loro. The place is big and it offers both a swimming pool and a beach. You have no reasons to get bored here because they have a lot of activities that you can do. They have several restaurants so you'll never get hungry. Two days and one night are not enough to enjoy the place, medyo bitin pa.

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Food Trip at Hamilo Coast Pico De Loro
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10. Acuaverde Beach Resort

This is the fifth resort that we have tried in San Juan, Batangas. It is the sister company of Acuatico Beach Resort but they do not have a swimming pool. Whether you will book for a day trip or overnight stay, the package includes three meals. This is a pet-friendly resort so you can bring your pet for a fee.

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11. Laiya Coco Grove

If you are looking for a resort that can accommodate big groups, Laiya Coco Grove is the answer. They have different types of accommodation that can accommodate different groups of couples, family outings, or even company outings. They have a swimming pool and beach. If you will stay here, choose treehouses so you will have a beach view.

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12. Palm Beach Resort 2019

Palm Beach Resort offers a day trip and overnight stay. They have rooms for a couple, family, and even for a big group. They have 2 swimming pools, a beach, a playground, and some team building facilities. The place is big so sometimes going from one place to another makes you feel tired but they have a shuttle service for that. The shore of the beach is a little bit rocky so it is better to bring your aqua shoes or you can borrow them, it depends on the availability. For an overnight stay, you need to avail yourself of their full-board meals at P1800.

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13. The Farm at San Benito 2019

The Farm at San Benito is not a beach resort, it is a Health and Wellness resort so if you are looking for a peaceful place then visit this holistic sanctuary. They have activities for kids and adults, some are free and some are for a fee. The only disadvantage is, that everything is expensive but if you have the budget, then treat yourself and stay here.

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14. Lilom Resort 2022
Lilom Resort is the second resort that we have tried in Anilao, Batangas. This is a rustic resort with 7 rooms only so you can book the whole resort if you want an exclusive stay. The rate includes full-board meals so getting hungry is never a problem.

15. The Henry Resort Taramindu Laiya 2022
I celebrated my birthday at The Henry Resort Taramindu Laiya, it is the former Taramindu Beach Garden. It offers both a swimming pool and a beach. Their room is good for 2 to 4 people only. It has its own restaurant which is called Apartment 1B. 

16. Solana Resort 2022

The third resort that we have visited in Anilao, Batangas. This resort offers both a saltwater pool and a beach. The room is spacious and can accommodate up to 4 people. The rate also includes 3 buffet meals and free use of kayak. 

17. La Chevrerie Resort 2023

La Chevererie Resort & Spa is the fourth resort that we visited in Anilao, Batangas. It is a five-star resort that offers both pool and beach. It has only 13 rooms so if you want privacy, you can add this to your choices. 

Watch the video here

18. Nawa Wellness Resort 2024

So far these are the resorts that we’ve visited in Batangas. Care to share your favorite resort?


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am from Quezon City and the South area is also our favorite destination during summer because its only a few hours from us. This post is definitely a good resort guide for people like us. Thanks.

  2. Yes, I would love a beach na hindi biglang lalim because we have little children. Also, I prefer a resort with pool AND beach. Pico de Loro is a good option, although there's membership or you have to be vouched by the member or something. But, in the late afternoon, there are jellyfish already swimming beside us. Yikes!

    1. Pico De Loro is nice too but quite expensive for non members. Scary naman ang jellyfish.

  3. Wow, so many resorts in Batangas! And I bet, from your experience, you can identify which resort has good water sports facilities, the best for the budget conscious and so on. Yes, summer is undeniably here! :)

  4. Wow, what a beautiful place and resort to visit. You really got me on this and I feel like flying over there asap.
    Anyways, enjoy and have fun. Thanks for sharing all the amazing pictures.

    1. Philippines has a lot of beautiful beaches so it is really fun to spend summer here. :)

  5. We were able to go to a few resorts in Batangas but haven't been at the ones mentioned above. Summer is already and we have to plan again for the outing for family and the company I belong to.

  6. Oh, now I'm drooling over the pictures. I'm a beach lover and I can remember when I was still in the Philippines, my family always go to Batangas for family outing. A week before going to KSA, my sister and her husband brought me to Batangas to get the last taste of beach even if it has typhoon that time. LOL

  7. Whao there are so many different resorts to stay at at Batangas. I too think that Cannon Cove looks the most grand place to stay at.

  8. thanks for this post, now i have an idea where can we enjoy this summer at batangas, nice places!

  9. Now we have hints for R and R activities for our annual event.

  10. Oh my, these beaches are as mouth watering as food! lol! Summer's really almost here! :)

  11. I also want to go to the beach with my family because my kids haven't visited one since we came to the Philippines. Thanks for the list of resorts we could choose from in Batangas. Perhaps we could visit one this summer...

  12. Wow! You've traveled a lot! Thank you for sharing these beautiful resorts in Batangas. I may not be able to visit them soon but this list is very helpful. Thanks again!

  13. Yay. Summer is here. Hopefully we can hit a beach this summer. I am sure Matthew will enjoy it this time.

  14. BATANGAS is one of those places to visit when summertime hits. The beaches, the white sands and the mini-island resorts there are all amazing!

  15. Been here! Yeah, awesome place for RnR :-)

  16. Like Cym, I look for a resort with the best of both worlds - clear, kid-friendly beaches and a swimming pool too. My girls tend to panic when they hear the sound of water by the bay. I bring them anyways; just so they will find that there's nothing to be scared about. In time, they will fully enjoy it.

    1. My son prefers pool than beach so it is really nice if the resort offers pool. :)

  17. this list is so timely! nakakalokang magbook ng pangsummer outing namin sa office, kundi puno na yung resort, ang mahal naman

    1. True, so sometimes I prefer to have an early summer outing to avoid the peak season rate. :)

  18. I've only been to Laiya. Stilts looks inviting. Only if they're all accessible by public transpo.

  19. I'm missing the Philippines so much with this post. I love seeing all the beautiful resorts that surely give relaxation to the whole family. So perfect for summer coming up. Thanks for sharing Sis

  20. I want to try canyon cove, i agree laiya kasi biglang lalim.. Scary ng slight

  21. Thanks for sharing. I have been to most of the resorts you have listed here, except for blue coral and la luz. I guess we would try thise next.