October 24, 2023

3D Christmas Stocking Gift Card Holders

Day two of no internet connection, hay! Kung kailan naman ako sinisipag magblog, saka naman nawalan ng internet sa area namin. I hope it will be repaired soon because mobile data is slow. 

Anyway, next on my Christmas Craft Project is 3D Christmas Stocking Gift Card Holders. This design is so versatile because you can use this as a gift card holder, card, shadow box, or Christmas decor. It is so easy to cut and assemble. 

The funny story about this craft is I brought them to Vietnam, I precut all the papers but I assembled them in Da Nang. I indeed brought some of my unfinished projects because I knew that we would just stay in the hotel on our second day because we decided not to join the Hue City Tour. 

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