October 19, 2023

Halloween Craft Projects

Honestly, I’m not into Spooky Season and if I remember it right, the only time that I made Halloween projects was when my son was still in his Preschool years. But last month my husband went to Vietnam so it means I can freely craft, knowing na wala ko maiistorbo na online meeting. Hehehe! 

I planned to start my Christmas Craft Projects but at that time, there were Craft Fests from a few designers that I follow so I decided to join. I don’t like scary-looking projects so I just chose the designs that I like to recreate. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I made a lot of craft projects so let me share the remaining projects that I did. Just in case you missed my old blog post, you can visit the links below. 

3D Ghost 

This 3D Ghost SVG file is for a shadow box but I reduced the file to 5 inches since I won’t use it for a shadow box. I applied Sizzix Pearlescent Medium on the ghost to add some shimmer.  

Frankenstein Monster 

The Frankenstein Monster is only a 2-layers project so you can use vinyl or cardstock but I love paper craft so I used smooth and mirror cardstock. 

Layered Raven 

The Layered Raven Design is from Craft with Sarah, it is available in large and small sizes. Of course, I chose the small size. 

Layered Witch 

The Layered Witch Design is from Craft with Sarah, I reduced the file to 3.5 inches which is not a good idea especially since there are intricate layers but fortunately, I was able to finish the project. 

Halloween Teddies 

These Halloween Teddies are so cute so this is the first project that I made. The file is from Craft with Sarah too, and because it is cute, I purchased the Christmas and Birthday Teddies too. 

Halloween Gnomes 

I’m into gnomes so it is not surprising that I also made the Halloween Gnomes, the male and female gnomes are from Craft with Sarah. 

Spider Card 

The Spider Card is from Craft with Sarah too. The design has a print then cut layer but to save on paper, I removed that part and just cut a separate spider. 

Haunted House Shaker Cake Topper 

This is supposed to be a shaker cake topper where you put candies inside the haunted house but I don’t have acetate and small candies so I just made the simple cake topper. The design file is from Craftara Creates.

Halloween Corner Bookmarks 

I have so many bookmarks at home that I don’t really use because I seldom read books but these bookmarks are so cute so I cut all the designs. The Halloween Corner Bookmarks SVG file is from Neli Design. 

Happy Ghost Side Edge Card

Just like the spider card, this Happy Ghost Side Edge Card is easy to cut and assemble. I was in a hurry in making this card but if I would remake this, I would emboss some elements to add dimension because it looks plain to me. The design is from The Bearded Housewife. 

Halloween Candy Bars 

This is supposed to be a candy wrap project but I want to save my sticker paper so I decided to just put sticker on the front side of the chocolate. I printed 3 designs in one sticker sheet instead of three. The Halloween Alphabet Letters are from Extraordinary Chaos. 

Sugar Skull 

My last Halloween Project was Sugar Skull. This was my entry for Cricut Philippines' “Dia de Muertos” Contest. Like I’ve said before, I’m not into scary projects pero para sa prize, nagtry kahit hindi nanalo. Hehehe! 

I first learned about "Día de Muertos or Día de los Muertos" when I watched the movie "Coco". Day of the Dead is a festive holiday in Mexico where family and friends gather to pay respect to their loved ones. This day is not about mourning but a joyful celebration so "Let's Skull-abrate".

I'm not fond of flowers so ito na yata pinakamarami ko na nacut na flowers. The Sugar Skull SVG is from Cricut Design Space which I edited using contour, I also used Nuvo Drops and Pearlescent Medium to make the skull look colorful.

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