December 19, 2023

Pizza Christmas Tree Felt Ornament

Pizza Christmas Tree Felt Ornament is the last entry that I submitted for Cricut Philippines’ 12 Days of Christmas. The theme is “Make a Christmas tree using a Cricut machine and post a reel” Waah! I made a lot of Christmas Tree craft projects these past few weeks but I could not submit it since I didn’t take videos of my process. 

I’ve been crafting nonstop since last month so I’ve done several Christmas trees already so I asked myself, do I still have a space for another Christmas tree project? And because of limited space, I decided to make an ornament again which I knew that I could use every Christmas. 

Just this year, I made an Acrylic Nativity Ornament, a Filipino Parol Ornament, a Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament, and lastly this Pizza Christmas Tree Ornament. I already shared this on my previous blog post but I wanted to dedicate a special post to this because I seldom do felt craft projects. 

Actually, I have no idea about the upcoming challenges but a few days before the “Day 1 Challenge”, I already ordered felt fabric online but until now, my order is still waiting to be shipped. Imagine, more than a week na ako naghihintay, good thing that I did not wait for my order. 

And because of my limited supplies, I couldn’t make a green Christmas tree so when I saw the pizza tree #M8B266E4 image on Cricut Design Space, an idea popped into my head. I already made a pizza felt food toy before but now I wanted an ornament. 

The design is made for a vinyl project so I edited it a little bit so I can use it for my felt project. I added shape, offset the image, and sliced some layers so I could maximize the space of my felt fabric. I used a combination of soft and hard-felt fabric. 

I had my Cricut Maker for over 3 years but this was the first time that I used my rotary blade. I used to manually cut my template and fabric, pwede naman pala magmachine, Pinahirapan ko pa sarili ko.

Anyway, I cut the design, glued the pieces together, and manually sewed the sides of the pizza. This is only one ornament but it took me a few hours to finish it. I was happy with my Pizza Christmas Tree Felt Ornament because it was another milestone. So I’m pretty sure I will make more felt craft projects in the future.

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