December 21, 2023

Christmas Craft Countdown 2023

One of my goals this year is to craft more so I can use the craft supplies that I hoarded so I’ve been joining different craft summits. I will check the schedule and browse the different designs that I want to recreate.

Last month, I joined Christmas Craft Countdown by Craft with Sarah and there were 20 projects that we can do. Out of 20 designs, I was able to make 19 craft projects. The only project that I did not do was the Advent Calendar since my son is too old for this. 

I made Winter Holiday Scrapbook Overlay, Christmas Planner Stickers, Christmas Gift Card Holders, Merry Christmas Postbox Banner, Faux Leather Christmas Ornaments, and sharing some pictures of my favorites from this countdown. I’ve already posted some of these projects on my Instagram Profile @mitchcraftaholic 

Christmas Tree Layered Design 

Even though it took me a few hours to cut and assemble this design, I am very happy with my Christmas tree. 

Gingerbread Cottage 

I am always having problems with intricate cuts so for this project, I used contour and hid some elements so I would have a smooth cut. 

Cute Character Decorations 

I love these cute ornaments and I have to remake this project because my mom brought them to Norway for her Christmas tree. My favorite characters are snowman and nutcracker.

Snowglobe Card with Print then Cut 

For the longest time, I wanted to make a shaker craft project and this is the first time that I made one. I already bought some shaker elements so I will make more projects like this. 

Hanging Bird Decorations 

There are 3 birds for this project but I only make the Cardinal Bird. 

Layered Snowman Mandala Shaker 

This is also a shaker display card. 

Giant Nativity Sign 

This is a huge craft project, about 28 inches but I only finished a part of it which is Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. I will continue this project next year so I can display it in our new house. 

Photo Globe Surprise Explosion Box 

This is a simple explosion box with just one layer. 

Wall Smash Card 

This is supposed to be a Printable Iron-On project but I don’t have the materials so I just used the design for Christmas Cards. 

Carol Singers Layered Design 

I also love this design so even if it took me hours again in cutting and assembling, okay lang. 

Double Dutch Card 

I don’t have a nice Christmas pattern for this project so I just used white cardstock and embossing folders. 

Elf Gnomes Layered Design

I love gnomes so I made this one and added some magnets at the back so I can display them on the fridge. 

Pop-up truck Greetings Card 

This is supposed to be a pop-up truck greeting card but I don’t have the right photo paper but I still tried making it using cardstock. 

DIY Christmas Cracker 

I have no idea about Christmas Cracker but I like this project because I know that I can use it for a gift box. 

I submitted my entries for a raffle and fortunately, I am one of the winners of 1st prize. Yey!

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