August 01, 2011

We Love Red Ribbon

Last weekend, I want to buy leche flan roll before going home but there was no stock so I’ve asked my hubby what should I buy, he said mamon. We all love red ribbon mamon, we can finish the pasalubong pack (6pcs.) in one sitting.

I suggested the yummy cheese roll because I always see this in commercial but they did not agree with me so I bought pasalubong pack of mamon and one cheese roll. Cheese roll is really yummy; it is simple bread with slice of cheese filling. One roll is not enough, too bad, I only bought one piece.

September 14, 2011 

From the time that my mom went home in the Philippines, she will always suggest Red Ribbon. It seems that this is her flavor of the month so we always eat here whenever we go out. And because they only have few meal options, we’ve been eating the same meal over and over again. She finds Red Ribbon meals very affordable because drinks and desserts are already included.

my favorite

September 2, 2014
Red Ribbon Merienda Meals

I posted here before that we love Red Ribbon.  Aside from their cake, we like their meals because I find it affordable. The meal already includes drinks and dessert so busog ka talagaI was deleting files in my phone memory and I found these photos. We had merienda two months ago in Red Ribbon after buying mamon for my son. My son loves mamon for his baon

I also bought macaroons. Masarap pala and sulit din for P50. How about you what’s your favorite cake or meal in Red Ribbon.


  1. right, it really is affordable. i love the fact that you can choose the cake that you want. sometimes, they would offer yummy cakes too.

  2. yes, affordable talaga meals nila and sarap ng cakes nila :)

  3. ube cake, coffee crunch cake, choco mocha crunch! <33

  4. We love red ribbon too! =)
    Favorite ng daughter ko, carbonara nila. and true, bongga yung plus cake at drinks. =)

    Choose Happiness

  5. Two thumbs up for their pan-grilled chops! And the vinegar it comes with is sooo good!

  6. Seeing your food pics makes me hungry at 2 am, hehe! :D My favorites are the pan grilled chop, pancit palabok and coffee crunch cake. ^__^

  7. i like their mango cake and dulce de leche! yummy!

  8. i also love red ribbon especially their mamon and ensaymada! yummies!

  9. Their Tocilog is also yummy. =)

    I used to love their cinnamon roll, but I think they changed the recipe a bit. =(

  10. hi sis,
    gave you an award..rules on my blog
    here's the link :)