August 31, 2011

Bananalicious Pie

I promised to my mom that I will bring her to Nuvali so we went there last Sunday before going to my Aunt’s house in Victoria, Laguna. As expected, it was crowded and we had a hard time looking for a good spot where we could feed the fish.

After feeding the fish, we went to Contis to buy Tiramisu P295 and Bananalicious Pie P625. My son loves tiramisu so I’m not surprised if he finished half of it on our way to Victoria. 

Bananalicious pie is like banoffee pie that has banana, cream and caramel. Everybody enjoyed their slice.


  1. my lola has a house near nuvali. nice place to relax with the family

  2. I have never been to Nuvali before. Judging by the pics, the place seems nice. :) And the pie looks delicious too! ^_^

  3. i love banapple's banoffee so curious ako w/ bananalicious pie! hope it's not loaded with whipped cream lang, i scrape it off kasi sa banoffee

  4. i miss bringing my daughter to Nuvali. 3 months na rin halos kami hindi nakakapunta. Dami talaga tao pag Sunday no?

    Choose Happiness

  5. Hey, this is new to me, sowee, huli na naman ang lola, diko alam ang Nuvali =(

    But i love banoffee pie, which reminds me - i haven't done one in ages, makagawa nga sa weekend... Xoxo

  6. would love to try conti's bananalicious pie :)