November 14, 2011

Day 2 in Baguio

After our La Trinidad Tour (Bell Church, Strawberry Farm, Easter Weaving Tour) and Tam-Awan Village, we passed by Lourdes Grotto but it was really hard to find a parking space so we no longer get off the car.

Then we went to Mines View Area for our last leg of the tour and as expected, Mines View Park is always crowded. Sometimes, we have to pay a minimum fee just to have a family picture. =

P50 for 4 shots
P10 per shot
 secret of our 24hrs trip, "buhatin ang mababagal maglakad"

Next stop is Good Shepherd, Baguio trip won’t be complete without buying our favorite ube jam and drinking my husband's favorite juice.

We skipped Botanical Garden and went to Wright Park and The Mansion, it has Christmas decors already.

The last stop is Camp John Hay for our lunch but we did not take our lunch (weird), we’re not hungry yet because we stuffed ourselves in the Hotel Veniz Grill buffet breakfast. After picture taking, we decided to go back to Manila.

 Goodbye for now Baguio!


  1. nice trip to Baguio. Di ko pa napuntahan yan, pero at least kita pictures. he he

  2. Nice family bonding time! Malamig ba nung nagpunta kayo? Last time kami nagpunta nanginginig talaga baba ko sa lamig! hahaha!

  3. nung first day, malamig talaga kasi umuulan, nagshake talaga legs ko sa lamig. second day, ok lang.