November 09, 2011

Lunch at Redragon Buffet and Quickmeal

Every time we go to Pangasinan to visit my in-laws we always passed by Retiro Street where you can see different lechon stores and restaurants and if we are hungry we will eat at Mila’s Lechon. But last Saturday, I decided to try the Redragon Buffet and Quickmeal, this is just in front of Mila’s Lechon.

We’re the only customers at that time so we have no problems in getting food. There are wide array of choices, there is pork, chicken, beef, fish, veggies, soup, desserts and fruits.  It''s really worth it for the price of P168 and P40 for unlimited drinks. We enjoyed our food and if I do not have a sore throat, I definitely have a second round.  They did not charge my son, who only eats soup and banana. =) Good thing that we’re early because before we left, visitors from Christening came so imagine the long lines and crowd.

Lunch P149
Dinner P168
Saturday and Sunday P168
Kids below 4ft P100
Quick meal dishes – P100 (Pick 2 dishes + fried rice and soup)
Unlimited Drinks P40 

Note: Discounted buffet rates for not more than 200lbs, if 200lbs and up regular price of P280.
Limit use of 2 plates excess 10% service fee.
Limit of 2hrs stay.
Party Reservation 3hrs


  1. Your son is cute! :) And wow, this is the first buffet I came across that has that system in pricing the buffet. Di ata kami pwede dito since we eat for more than 2 hours ^^

  2. ^ really sis. maximum of 2hrs lang ko sa buffet unless get together ng family or friends. =)

    but price is really affordable and sulit talaga.

  3. what?! ganyan kamura? wow!
    we're in pangasinan last weekend too, and mega hanap kami ng makakainan.. sayang naman di namin to nakita, =(

  4. chyng, sa laloma lang tong redragon. mahirap nga humanap ng kainan sa pangasinan. =)

  5. Wow, mukhang sulit dito a :)Their siomai looks good :)

  6. Did I understand it correctly? If you weigh more than 200lbs eh you have to pay 280pesos for that buffet? And those who weigh less pays less din? That's discrimination! I know quite a number of skinny people who eats a lot and more than those people who is double their size. Who'd want to eat in a place where they have to weigh you before you can eat...Just saying.

  7. ^yes, that's correct if your weight is 200lbs you need to pay the regular price but i do not see any weighing scale there so am not really sure if they implement this. this is also the first time that i've encountered this.

    berylle - yes, sulit dito. =)

  8. may contact number po kayo dito? pa-email naman po. thanks po. :)

  9. contact no. po pra pwd tumawag magaask lng