July 17, 2012


I always say that I’m not fond of flowers maybe because I know that flowers are not cheap so I rather receive food or other stuff than flowers. Don’t get me wrong! I do appreciate flowers but I’m not the type of girl who loves to receive flowers on every special occasion. My son loves to give me flowers from our mini garden. I do appreciate the thoughtfulness but I always tell him, do not pick our flowers.

Although flowers are expensive, there are occasions that I bought some flowers and one example is our wedding day. I’m so clueless when it comes to flower arrangement, pricing and flower shop so I ask for some referrals. Most of the people I know referred us to Dangwa and I did not have any regret because I loved my bouquet. They just ask me for my motif, flowers that I like, how many bouquets do I need and when and where the delivery date is. You can save more if you know how to arrange flowers but since I have no idea about flower arrangement and I don’t want to stress myself on that stuff, we just get a package.

In the Philippines we have Dangwa but if you live in Colorado, there is Amore Fiori Florist Denver who provides flowers on any occasion and event. You can read their about/ flowers in Denver page to know more about this shop. 


  1. i don't like receiving flowers too. sayang ang money :-)but i love the flowers on my wedding too :)

  2. I love flowers and thanks for showing this picture. It was a very memorable day:)

  3. I miss dangwa! I'd always shop for my mom's flowers there. =)

  4. love love flowers :D

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  5. It's nice to receive flowers once in a while...specially when you least expect it. :-)