July 09, 2012

My First Run?

I admit that I don’t really have a healthy lifestyle because I’m a meat eater and I’m too lazy to workout. I mentioned before that my diet is called “bukas na” diet but God knows that I’m trying my best to have a healthy lifestyle. Little by little I’m improving my eating habits and I hope I could lessen my meat and sugar intake.

Yesterday, my husband dragged me to join his weekend run. I told him “if my son will wake up, I will join him” and I was shocked because my son woke up so I have no choice but to join them. We left at 5:30AM and went to the nearest cemetery. #creepy.

Finally, after 5 years I was able to use this rubber shoes. It was a gift that was sitting in our shoe rack for five years.

It was my first run ever but not really because most of the time I just walk while my son was biking. More than 3km of walkathon and no sweat at all. I was happy because it is a good start of my healthy living.

After our morning run, we went to the market.  


  1. You have to do it every weekend:)

  2. i wish i could start doing that too :)

    1. go sis! natagalan din ako bago makapag-umpisa. =D

  3. Walking is a good start sis. :-) That's how I resumed my so-called fitness routine...Basic di ba? That is why I can sustain or incorporate it sa lifestyle. Good for you sis! Keep it up!

  4. PS..about time mabinyagan ang magandang rubber shoes :-)

  5. a very good start and a great family bonding... keep it up!
    btw, i think your hubby needs stability shoe, not quite sure bout this but let him try the test, we are quite similar on how our feet land just by looking at the picture.. or maybe motion control, his ankle and calves are at risk.