July 06, 2012

Silence is Deadly

If you’re a mom you know what I mean when I say “Silence is Deadly”. Even though I only have one child, our house is full of noise and mess. My son always watches DVD’s if I need to do something like chores so it means I can’t see him. And if I don’t hear any noise I’m really nervous because I know something is going on that will really make me mad.

Just this week, hubby and I were eating dinner while my son was busy watching DVD because he doesn’t want to eat. Yes, he has his own time and mood when to eat and it’s been a long time dilemma for me.

I can’t hear any noise so I told my husband to check my son.

Me: Check mo nga si Ethan at baka kung ano na ginagawa nun.
Hubby: Nanonood lang yun.

After dinner, my husband went up and shouted: “Hon, look at your son”, so I immediately went up and I found this.


He put baby powder all over his cabinet, floor, body, our toiletries kit and my kikay kit. My husband was laughing but I’m not happy because I have to clean up all the mess. Like what I’ve said silence is deadly so if you don’t hear any noise, check your child. 

This was not my first-time experience and I posted several posts like this.

5.  He ate one pack of chocolate.

He cut our bed sheet.

He colored his nails using pentel pen.

He put lotion all over his body, our floor and bed sheet.

And many more… If you experience this stuff, welcome to the club! "Silence is golden... unless you have a toddler. In that case, silence is very suspicious."


  1. My eldest is not like this. I think he is well behaved and he got it from his Dad. Now, I'm dreading my youngest. He is 1 year old but he's showing his mischievous personality already. He has destroyed all his toys na pamana ni kuya. Mind you, walang sira lahat yun and we thought unbreakable but he proved us wrong. Pati mga die cast natatanggal niya mga parts. I hope we won't have experiences like this but I think I'm pushing my luck. hehe.

    1. lucky you sis, you did not experience it with your first child. wait and see na lang kung ganun din si youngest. hehe!

  2. oh, this is just fun. My little girl is so like your son, Michi! she painted the walls, put lotion all over her self and the worst one is, slept under her crib! tsk tsk. all i could do is chuckle and shake my head in disbelief!

    1. yes sis, you will just shake your head kasi wala ka na magawa kundi maglinis. hehe!

  3. What can wowa say.... Ho ho, ha ha and hi hi.

  4. I know the feeling cause the feeling is mutual hehe.
    I have 2 naughty kids 8y.o. and a 3 y.o. both girls.
    they know how to make a mess and have fun with it.
    everything you mentioned was done by my girls too.
    stressful I know but kids are kids.
    sometimes I need to do super sayan (dragonball) for them to behave.

    Since the eldest is already old enough to understand what I am saying and so as the youngest, I scold them whenever they did wrong and explain why I am angry to what they did.

    goodluck to us and more patience for our precious kids

    1. i agree, i need more patience to survive. hehe!

  5. Yung youngest niece ko female version pala ni Ethan! hehehe! Lahat sinabog at ginupit. Pati buhok nya ginupit!

  6. I know what you feel because I also experience that times two because I have twins.. and you're right if you can't hear anything you must suspect they were up to something...something which will make you shout and Mad!

  7. omg! the colored nails are just toooo cute! :)

  8. The Little One isn't as destructive (yet) but if she's quiet, it usually means she found some icky thing on the floor and is happily chewing at it already. =(

  9. Awwwww.... Cute! Boys will be boys, I guess.