December 20, 2012

Credit Card Security

More than two weeks ago I received a text from my credit card company saying “Our monitoring system has detected unusual transaction(s) on your credit card. Please call collect our 24-hour customer service hotline for verification.” I did not call immediately because I was already sleepy, I told my husband to call my credit card company first thing in the morning and I also sent an email. 

CS representative advised my husband that there are floating charges on my credit card, MOP and USD amount and as of now my credit card is on hold. He confirmed that I used my credit card in Macau and I renewed my domain account in Google. 

My husband told me about the conversation, I told him that I paid Hotel Sintra-Macau and I chose Peso so there should be no MOP charge on my credit card. I checked my online account and there was already a reply. I immediately replied on the email stating that I confirmed the Google purchase but not the Hotel Sintra floating charge. They just informed me that the merchant has 21 days to cancel or confirm the charges.

I keep on monitoring my online account to check if I still have floating charge and thank God as of today no more floating charge. I just don’t understand why Hotel Sintra still charged me when I already made my payment upon our arrival. But I was thankful because my credit card notified me, somehow I feel secured.

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