December 03, 2012

The Not So Fun Part of Traveling

Hi, I’m back from our recent trip, if you guess Hongkong then you are right. We’ve been in Hongkong and Macau for the last six days and I just came back today. Yes, I was excited to blog again, so many stories and photos to share. We really had fun because this is our first longest vacation ever. But we also experienced some mishaps during our trip.

1. I left my keys in Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. I opened the luggage, put our toiletries and lock it then I forgot to get my keys on the floor. #nagmamadali.  Buti na lang mumurahin yung padlock ko at nabuksan ko kahit wala susi. But this reminds me to invest on good locks. 

2. We went to Hotel Sintra to get our luggage and my son immediately remove his socks and shoes and when we’re going out already, we can’t find his socks. #maymulto.

3. And just today I almost lost 1 handcarry bag.

Me: (talking to FA) Miss, may kumuha ng bag namin, nawawala yung isa.
FA: Mam, mahahabol niyo pa yun sa luggage area then she informed one Cebu Pacific staff about what happened.

We immediately went out but I was losing hope already when I saw the long lines in the immigration. One by one people get their luggage and went out. When we reached the luggage area we asked the Cebupac staff.

Me: Sir, kamusta na yung handcarry namin.
Cebupac Staff: Mahirap ng mahabol yun mam. Hindi na makukuha yun.
Me: Ganun lang yun?

Nakakainit ng ulo, akala ko mag-ala Claudine Baretto na ko sa airport. At that moment, I really understand Claudine, imagine ni katiting na concern wala yung Cebupac Staff na yun at excited ng umuwi. We wanted to file incident report and he said, he will be back pero lost at di na bumalik.

Bad thing: CebuPac staff gave us false hopes. Wala pakialam sa nawawala namin bagahe. ni hindi nga inannounce kung tutuusin pwede maharang yun dahil pababa pa lang lahat ng tao sa plane at mahaba pila sa immigration.

Good thing: Honest yung nakadampot ng bagahe namin at hinintay kami sa labas para isoli yung nakuha nila na gamit namin. Hay, good luck na lang sa isa dun na nawawala yung checked-in luggage niya.

Lesson learned:  Paghinto ng airplane kunin agad gamit kahit makipagsiksikan sa pagkuha. 


  1. Welcome back, Mich! :)
    Glad to hear that you got your handcarry bag. Kung ako yun baka nag mala Claudine din ako :)

  2. Aaarrgh! Cebupac talaga palpak kahit kelan! Anyway, glad you got your luggage adn welcome back!

  3. wow, I'm sure your little boy enjoyed the trip! welcome back!

  4. Buti nakuha mo uli no. Andon pa naman yata pasalubong ko:)

  5. oh noes! such a scary experience about the bag! glad that you were able to find it.